Can I post Video on Instagram By Laptop ?

Asked by Pramod Freelancer, in Others
Please help me Fast guys . i want know how to upload images and video by laptop and PC.


William Sam Junior  Consulatant
Yes, download gramblr.
Jan 11th 2018 23:00   
Lê Dũng Freshman  Đệm xinh
yes,you can post video
Jan 12th 2018 00:32   
Arjun Kaushik Committed  SEO Experts
Yes, you can upload images and video by laptop and PC with the help of gramblr
Jan 12th 2018 00:46   
Dave Chan Advanced  Consultant
Of course you can! upload it
Jan 12th 2018 01:17   
Howie Liu Freshman  Electronics Engineer
Yes, you can post picture and video
Jan 12th 2018 02:08   
James Anderson Advanced  Senior Consultant, IT Expert
yes you can add any pictures or videos.
Jan 12th 2018 02:15   
Sonu Parashar Advanced  Digital Marketing Professional
If you want to post from laptop you need to have hootsuite application in your mobile and laptop both. From desktop hootsuite you can send notification and upload photo to mobile hootsuite and then you can post in to mobile.
Jan 12th 2018 02:32   
Pramod Freelancer Senior  Web Designer and SEO & SMO Freelancer
Thank you guys .... for Your best Suggestions
Jan 12th 2018 02:40   
Yog Peeth Committed  Yoga Peeth
yes you can add any pictures or videos.
Jan 13th 2018 00:02   
Sneha Sharma Senior  Digital Marketing Company
yes you can......................................................
Jan 13th 2018 00:22   
Aayat Harb Advanced  SEO Executive
Yes you can....
At browser Firefox
Step 1: Press Ctrl+Shift+M
Step 2: Select any Mobile Device
Step 3: Login Instagram Account
Step 4: Post your Data on Instagram
Jan 13th 2018 10:33   
yes you can mam yes
Jan 13th 2018 10:37   
Fam Fanoz Advanced  Paid surveys
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Jan 13th 2018 11:12   
Guillermo V. Committed   Musician
Can I post Video on Instagram By Laptop ? Yes you can
Jan 13th 2018 11:46   
Debra Diamond Committed  Healthy Alternatives
You usually can't upload photos to the Instagram website, but you can use a work-around in both Google Chrome and Safari browsers to bypass this restriction. If you're on a Windows 10 computer, you can also download and use the free Instagram app to post.
Jan 14th 2018 14:07   
Vivek Patel Advanced  HubSpot COS Design and Development.
yes, you can post picture or video on instagram
Jan 14th 2018 23:37   
Virat Singh Advanced  IT & Software Analyst
Download Gamblr. With Gamblr you can easily edit and post images on Instagram with a PC
Jan 15th 2018 00:32   
Nguyen Nhung Junior  giaoseo vinh
ai cũng có thể đăng ảnh hay video lên Instagram nhé, tất cả mọi người
Jan 15th 2018 02:11   
Adrina Martinez Advanced  Personal Loan Lender
yes you can easily post and share your updates
Jan 16th 2018 01:21   
Jannat Bangalore Junior  Escorts service
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1 day 14 hours ago   
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