Can "Do Follow Links" decrease Our Website Ranking.?

Asked by Ripan Choudhary, in Internet & eBusiness
is it possible Do follow links can decrease our Ranking. while working in project it happening with me. or it's mandatory to don't provide the do follow link to another website. can any one explain me, what i do in this situation.


Eva Irvine Advanced  Blogger, Content Writer
Do follow always increase your website rank...
Jan 3rd 2019 00:38   
Vicky Mamoria Advanced  Website Promoter
It all depends how and where you are taking the links from. There are certain Google guidelines about do-follow links. If you violate t hose guidelines then it can not only take your website's ranking down but also face a penalty hit. Please note that most of the penalty hits are coming due to content and do-follow links. So be careful about Google guidelines while creating do-follow links.
Jan 3rd 2019 01:47   
Aayushi Pradhan Advanced  Seo Executive
No dofollow link is not decrease our website ranking
Jan 4th 2019 07:33   
Gangadhar Kulkarni Magnate I   Internet Marketing Professional
Dofollow links are a booster of your website bcoz it does not only increase web traffic but also boost your website ranking in major search engines.
Jan 6th 2019 02:31   
Joseph Carlyien Senior  Internet Marketing
No, they don't decrease your ranking.
Jan 7th 2019 02:00   
Lokesh Kapoor Professional   Blogger, SEO Expert
Hi Ripan, I read your description carefully which gives me an idea as to what you want to convey. Yeah, sometimes providing do follow links consistently to any website that is untrusted, possess less authority than yours, comes from different niche can decrease your SERP ranking if you don't, at the same time, make links for your site from the trusted domains. I hope it helps.

Jan 7th 2019 02:05    Edited in Jan 7th 2019 02:05
sla consultants india Innovator  SLA Consultants India - Training Center Delhi
NO ! ! Do follow link always Increase your website ranks.....
Jan 7th 2019 06:29   
Thirunavukkarasu Sivasubramaniam Committed   Blogger on classical yoga studies
The question is misinterpreted by many. Riban meant Do follow OBL only. But Many interpreted as in bound do follow links. A high OBL page always distributes link juice to the targeting sites. Normally don't give do follow links unless the target site is trust worthy or sites belong to your own group. Google guideline on link-exchange or a blogroll advocates only a no-follow link. Otherwise google treat such links as toxic only. Hence, when you are on link exchange, try to avoid do follow links. For a topical reference to a trust worthy site, you need not hesitate to give do follow links which will be recognised and you will gain in the long run. I hope this help.
Jan 11th 2019 05:30   
Crossgraphic Ideas Senior  we beat your ideas
Dofollow Link never increase website rank.
Dofollow links allow google (all search engines) to follow them and reach our website. Giving us link juice and a backlink. If a webmaster is linking back to you with this link both Search Engine and Humans will be able to follow you. The best way to give someone dofollow love is allowing keyword in the anchor text.
Jan 21st 2019 01:33   
Kundan Kumar Innovator  A Marketing Executive by Job and Blogger by Hobby
Can "Do Follow Links" decrease Our Website Ranking.?

As far as you are creating do follow backlinks on valuable websites which are related to your business niche. If you're creating do follow links from irrelevant websites or spam websites then such do follow links can impact your current ranking negatively in SERPs.
So always try to gain do-follow backlinks from good websites which have good number of traffic and are related to your business niche.
Jan 24th 2019 01:21   
Inesh Enterprises Junior  Professional Web Designing and Development
No, dofollow link never decrease websites ranking rather we use dofollow links to increase website ranking
Jan 25th 2019 04:35   
George Young Advanced  Digital Marketer
No, not at all. DoFollow links are necessary for website as per traffic and engagement. It is not harmful for website but it would be more effective when the dofollow and no follow links are in 60% & 40% ratio as per seo strategies implementation.
Feb 1st 2019 03:48   
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