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by Shee S. Non
This opportunity is very exciting! With no out of pocket money, you can create an income of more then 50,000$ per month! And you can do this in less 90 days! Watch the video, sign up for free and star
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YourCreativeCrew is your automated system site that helps you build downline in20 dollars 2 surf fast and with ease. If you want to know how20 dollars 2 surf can make you more than 50,000$ per month, read the earning potential.
This site helps you get at least 10 referrals.

YourCreativeCrew has the answer!
As a regular member at 20 dollars 2 surf, all you need to do is download the cash bar, activate it and invite friends to do the same. Don't want to invite your friends? Use the YourCreativeCrew system! It teach you how to invite people from all around the world, without calling anyone or make personal contact. And much more than that - they teach every one of those who signed up under YOU to do the same! All is done for you once they sign up to YourCreativeCrew using youraffiliate link (you MUST finish step 1 though... no exceptions here...).
Have a look at the earning potential here and make sure you don't pass this great opportunity. If you haven't started already, go to step 1 NOW!

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TJ Menard Advanced   Independent Business Owner
Awesome Opportunity! I joined and I am earning and loving it!
So easy and simple to do!
Dec 2nd 2010 01:15   
Allan Haastrup Senior   Networker
I have to say my piece here.

This is a classic scam setup: the good old pyramid scheme story, you find 9 that finds 9 who finds 9 and on it goes.

Come on!

After 7 levels the downline is almost the whole population of Denmark: more than 5.000.000 people

Another funny fact: They say in the video that everyone will get 10 referrals latest on their day number 4.

Ok, let's do the math on this, assuming I'd sign up:
After 4 days, I get 10 referrals
After 8 days, these need ten, total 100 people
After 12 days, these need 10, total 1.000 people
After 16 days, these need 10, total 10.000 people
After 20 days, these need 10, total 100.000 people
After 24 days, these need 10, total 1.000.000 people
After 28 days, these need 10, total 10.000.000 people

So after 28 days, the company must have given out a downline of 11.111.100 referrals to their new members.

Does that sound realistic?

Hey just for fun we can add 4 more days:
After 32 days, they need to give out: 100.000.000 people!!!

Ok, this is the age of the internet and if facebook can grow beyond half a billion people, why should this company have trouble, right?

Good point.

Have you watched their introductory video? Let's go through it:

They start of by boasting that they are: A group of experienced online marketersa who have already created their onw online wealth.

That's all fine and dandy, but why are they hiding then? They don't give us their identities, not even their names.

When looking up the registration data for the website, it's all hidden.

If thids is alegitimate venture, why is this necassary?

Ok, can we agree this is NOT something you want to be involved in?


And by the way, read my article on how to determine if something is a scam, and you will be able to avoid being scammed in the futire.

All the best

Jan 11th 2011 10:48   
Christien Eramiha Junior  
Tell me has anyone made money with this website? Because I just want to know if it is for real or if it's a scam?
Feb 3rd 2011 03:02   
TJ Menard Advanced   Independent Business Owner
A Scam is something where you lose money, this opp is totally free, and Allan above really is a little confused about that,,and the company doesnt hand out referrals of course,,you have to get your own.

you make a percentage of your downlines credits which makes you more money,,it does work, with effort
Feb 11th 2011 04:49   
Gillian G. Committed   INTERNET MARKETER
I'am absolutely sure that this program is not 100% free. I am sure you have to upgrade or pay some kind of fee or buy something to make the kind of money you want. There are always some kind of catch with programs like these. It is only a matter of time before you find out how much money you have to put out. Nothing in life is free.
Mar 13th 2011 07:54   
Grant Gouws Innovator   Sports trader and Freelancer
Please do not comment on anything you have absolutely no clue on or yet have even to try it!!!!!
This is legitimate and 100% free and unlike all the other PTC sites one actually has to do a little work untill you can see the pay offs!!!

So to Cherryflag and Allen don't make assumptions and make the users unreliable, its not fair and your statements are completely based on opinion and not fact.


Jul 5th 2011 13:48   
DHARANI KUMAR ANAGANI Senior  online earner
I agree with Allan somewhat but afterall its free to try so I just want to take a chance but Miss/Mrs.TJ they are promising to give us atleast 10 referrals are u aware of that?
Mar 11th 2012 09:47   
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