Where Do You Get Moving Boxes

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You have made the big decision - you are going to move. What is your next decision - Boxes of course. So where do you get your Moving boxes?
Recommended Features
  • it saves you an incredible amount of time by not having to chase around begging
  • It saves you big money as the Moving Companies charge an arm and a leg for packing supplies
  • you get the size of boxes that are convenient for your needs
  • free shipping within 1 - 2 business days.
  • these boxes are recycled so you are doing your good deed for Mother Nature too
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Review on Where Do You Get Moving Boxes

Sometime we have more than 30 days to get ready
for moving your household. Generally, that is
tied into buy a home. Regardless of how many
days you have for the big event, each day will
be packed with things to do.

It is such a hassle running around trying to
find boxes. Don't you agree? Yes, a store
has them usually, come back in the morning, or
whatever other time they tell you to come back.
You can end up with dirty boxes, flaps cut off,
all different kinds of sizes, too big, too little,
even bugs. What an exercise!

Do yourself a favor and just order the boxes you
think you will need. This Company offers them in
bulk, or by the room. You can a 3 room bundle or
a dorm bundle or a 6 bedroom home bundle. Talk to
them, their experience with moving is invaluable.

The added benefit of getting standardized sizing
is it assists in stacking them uniformly while
packing. They also speed up the actual moving as all
the boxes fit and size up with each other. Make sure
you label the contents of each box as well.

Some folks pack by the room. Everything that
is one room is packed together. The furniture
is a lot easier as it is simply covering them
and tying down any loose or movable parts.

Packing loose items is a real challenge. Dishes,
china, silver, pots and pans, have different
weights which need to be considered. You do not
want your fragile items to get mixed up with
other items either. Your dishes and fragile
products should be packed in smaller boxes while
pots and pans, bedding can go in much larger boxes.

Using wardrobe boxes is also a big time saver for
when you arrive at the other end. They allow you
to simply hang up your clothes in the wardrobe boxes
and then re-hang your clothes in their new home.
They save a ton of work by keeping your clothes
from getting crushed and also keeps them clean.

Yes you will have to pay to get these boxes, however
the boxes have been recycled so the cost is much
cheaper than buying boxes that have never been used
before. It makes a lot sense. Generally the boxes
are pretty well in the same shape as before you
used them. Right? This Company gets those boxes
from other Companies that are moving to different
locations, or sending material to storage. So the
boxes look new, feel new, but they are not.

So save yourself untold time and order your boxes
according to your needs. Help Mother Nature at the
same time. Sound like a plan? Go...

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