The Team Building Project

by Mick R. Webmaster & Entrepreneur
Hello Friend, Here's a great opportunity for you to build a monthly residual income! Already 3,180 New Members and Growing! And nothing will be done till 10,000 members
Recommended Features
  • Step 1: Build your business (team) completely online.
  • Step 2: Select (as a team) on the best opportunity available to join
  • Step 3: Join (as a team) the selected business opportunity.
  • Step 4: Begin earning immediate and long term residual income!
  • I can really see an opportunity to make a serious residual income. You'd be crazy to let this one pass you by!
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Here's a great opportunity for you to build a monthly residual income!

And you can do it without:
- Spending a single penny of your own money.
- Bugging your friends and family members.
- Attending countless business opportunity meetings.
- Listening to hundreds of hyped up opportunity conference calls.
- Disrupting your already busy life.

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Mick R. Professional   Webmaster & Entrepreneur
Each Team Building Project member will have an opportunity to vote on which business opportunity we select to join (as a team). The weight of your vote will depend on the number of people you personally sponsor.

For example; if you personally sponsor 8 new members, your vote will be worth 9 points (one point for you and one for each person you personally sponsor). This will ensure that Team Building Project members that have contributed the most have a greater say in the business opportunity selection
Aug 25th 2010 15:14   
Mick R. Professional   Webmaster & Entrepreneur
I've been looking into a few of these network marketing opportunities and i like the look of this one... What a great idea!!! i'm excited bout this one... the sooner we hit 10,000 the better!!!
Aug 25th 2010 15:15   
Mick R. Professional   Webmaster & Entrepreneur
This project is a great concept! It targets those that are seriously interested in MLM opportunities and motivated to create a lucrative income stream. By positioning yourself to jump out of the gate immediately, success is imminent!
Aug 25th 2010 15:18   
Mick R. Professional   Webmaster & Entrepreneur
Hello, If you want to eliminate the fear of being ripped off by Scam Artists join this. I'm honored to be a part of such a Noble cause to help so many avoid the Scams.
Aug 25th 2010 20:10   
gilbert Innovator   
since I 'vewith this one I have been so inpressed with all the help I've recieved and the very nice people I have talk to.
Aug 25th 2010 20:22   
Mick R. Professional   Webmaster & Entrepreneur
Yes I must a agree Gilbert, I had a few questions my self too and got them answered very quick from Stephen the admin, I also made some suggestions and he was honest in his opinions. Great admin....make a change thats for sure.
Aug 25th 2010 21:35   
Sue Tamani Committed  Easy Steps to Success Franchise
Nice one Mick - gotta go with this one - imagine the power of 10K or even just 2K peeps all joining a biz at once

Aug 25th 2010 21:36   
Mick R. Professional   Webmaster & Entrepreneur
Thanks Sue, THIS IS AWESOME! I can't begin to express the excitement I have regarding the possibilities I see with this Team Building Project.
Aug 25th 2010 21:40   
Mick R. Professional   Webmaster & Entrepreneur
This team building project is a great opportunity for individuals to join FREE and build your business. This is a legit opportunity to receive residual income
Aug 27th 2010 05:04   
Ron Lester Advanced   
It's an interesting concept, the trick is finding the opportunity right for everyone. That will definitely be tricky, being as we can't make everyone happy. But, majority rules and rules will be rules.
Aug 28th 2010 04:11   
Mick R. Professional   Webmaster & Entrepreneur
Yes your correct Ron, But im sure when folks know we will all earn money then all be happy and on an instant income. Also thanks for taking time to comment.
Aug 28th 2010 04:18   
Mick R. Professional   Webmaster & Entrepreneur
Team Building Project Statistics

Total Partners: 3,922 (Minimum of 10,000 required) before anything is done. Then we all decide together and vote what we will all join
Sep 7th 2010 14:49   
Mick R. Professional   Webmaster & Entrepreneur
The process of selecting a network marketing company SHOULD NOT depend solely on its pay plan! There are many other essential criteria for selecting a company, and placing too much weight on the compensation plan can be a costly mistake.
Sep 7th 2010 14:53   
Sajimin Almaahi Advanced   Consultan
building list network is interest. it communication established
Sep 7th 2010 18:04   
Mick R. Professional   Webmaster & Entrepreneur
thats totally true sajimin
Sep 8th 2010 07:00   
Mick R. Professional   Webmaster & Entrepreneur
This is the easy way to make some money, just click on the link and check it for your self's, there is nothing to invest there for nothing to loose.
Sep 9th 2010 12:43   
Mick R. Professional   Webmaster & Entrepreneur
we have grown to over 4,000 partners.

we will be in a position to select our first business opportunity and begin earning income before the end of the year

Please keep in mind that the Team Building Project is not a get rich quick program. But rather a methodical and strategic business approach to ensuring your long-term financial success.

The whole purpose of 'pre-building' our team is to preposition ourselves to make immediate and long-term residual income with whatever business opportunity we ultimately select. And by long-term I mean 10-20+ years of solid financial security

Sep 10th 2010 03:21   
Mick R. Professional   Webmaster & Entrepreneur
None of the companies listed below are guaranteed inclusion in our final business opportunity selection list.

But these are 5 of the Suggested opportunities that DO meet the selection criteria threshold so far, wen we do get to 10K members and all join together.

1) (wow what a payplan)

The product is an online data backup service.

The cost is $13 monthly + $14 one time sign up free.

The Pay Plan is awesome:

There are SIX distinct ways you can earn money with Rolution:
1 - Quick Start Dollars - $15 per direct referral
2 - 5 IN 7 Cash - $50 bonus for 5 referrals in a week (Can earn multiple times in a week)
3 - Commissions - $1 for all downline
4 - Double Commissions - Another $1 for all direct referrals
5 - Spillover - 5 x 8 forced matrix
6 - Matching Bonuses - Earn 10% bonus for your downline's earnings. ( not just direct referrals either! )

PS: It is also International, taking Credit Card, AlertPay, PayPal and Western Union.

Using only the referral bonus and $2 per direct referral, one can easily show how fast you can be in profit with this.

The first month costs $27
just 2 referrals earns you $30 ( $3 profit with just 2 referrals )

The second month costs $13
You get $4 from the previous referrals
just 1 referral gets you $15 ( $6 profit with only 1 referral )

The third month costs $13
You get $6 from the previous referrals
just 1 referral gets you $15 ( $8 profit with only 1 referral )

Those seem like low numbers, but that is just 4 referrals total.
You can easily get many more in 3 months.

This also does not factor in spillover and spillunder, nor the matching bonuses.

I just wanted to make it clear that this is a very safe business and very easy to be in profit.

So as you can see its a great payplan

So if you have not joined the Team Building Project above do so as now from my link above.

I will post post the 2nd of the companies listed for guaranteed inclusion in the voting for all members joing at once.

Im looking forward to the ride when we are ready to join the business that we vote on, just think if even 3k or 5k folks all join together AWESOME then paid every month
Sep 10th 2010 18:38   
Sue Tamani Committed  Easy Steps to Success Franchise
Ye well the owner and designer of The Team Building Project, Stephen, has suggested we look carefully at what company we select. he wants us to think strategically - what will stand the test of time? Online storage will soon be free - you can actually get 1Gb free with Google already. He also suggests we look seriously at companies such as Amway, a multibillion dollar company in many countries world wide.

It will certainly be interesting to see which company is finally chosen. And of course, if you disagree totally with the choice, there is no compulsion to join.
Sep 11th 2010 05:25   
Mick R. Professional   Webmaster & Entrepreneur

Here is the 2nd one on list that will be up for the voting

2)wtia. net

Wealth Team International will be here longer than you or I. This coming June it will be 18yrs of paying "DAILY" in every "FREE" County in the world.

This is the most lucrative compensation plan ever,
in the entire history of referral or network marketing on planet earth.

One of the key things about the Wealth Team International , is that all our members COULD join, because they CAN afford it . We will not loose any one, when it comes Time to Pay up .. as I have seen many time,before, many desert the ship.
They can get started via
$5 Bronze .$45 silver .&$200 Gold ,through The fourune5 minutes
(F5M Mc )Million Dollar club program .all as a FEEDER into the Wealth team International program ....with its proven record.

Some of the features and benefits (extracted from the website):

1) WTIA has the only compensation plan on the face of the earth, and in the history of network marketing, that does not limit your potential earnings, neither width nor depth, to INFINITY!

2) No lotions, no potions, no pills, no shipping, no handling, no monthly purchases, no quotas to maintain your pay status, no monthly website fees, no check fees, no meetings, nothing to store in your garage or sell to your neighbors, no fuss, no muss ... just point, click and get PAID DAILY!

3) WTIA pays using a variety of online payment processors. NO WAITING FOR YOUR COMMISSION CHECKS.

4) When a new member enters WTIA and their YEARLY ninety nine dollar payment is received, over 90% of the gross receipts are paid directly to the upline.

This Company has alot of exciting things !
1. No holding your money.
2. No monthly Quotas
3. No limits
4. No Potions, Lotions, Juices, etc.

.....and it has been around for 17 years. International !
I'm not saying this is what I will vote for yet, but it is looking
pretty good so far.

Well there you have it, Thats 2nd on the list for votes AT THIS MOMENT....This can change tho

I will post the 3rd one on the voting list in a few days

Sep 13th 2010 09:18   
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