The NEW Generation UBiee PowerPill

by Dr. Michael D. The UBIEE HQ for Greener Nations
START USING OUR New Generation UBIEE PowerPill TODAY! Our special formulation is ONE OF A KIND and is NOT AVAILABLE anywhere else! Simply pop a UBIEE PowerPill in your gasoline or diesel vehicle
Recommended Features
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Saves you Money
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Improves fuel economy
  • Increases engine power
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Review on The NEW Generation UBiee PowerPill

My name is Jerry McAdams from the Dominican Republic.
What happen when I put UBiee PowerPill in my car.
First, I have a old car 1999 you know how thing bug you when you don't know what it is I had a sound in my motor that bug me. No one could tell what it was and when I turn my AC on it would almost kill my motor. Gas mileage was like I had a V8 in it! I was thinking Trade!

One day I was on the net. I come across I got some UBiee PowerPills and tried it. Wow. I'm happy I did! It was like I put a new motor in my car! Now I have POWER and that sound that bug me is gone! Now me & my car is helping to clean the environment! Don't wait get you some UBiee PowerPills today too! Thank you Jerry

Hi my name is Danielle Michiels from Belgium.
I am a very happy customer of the UBiee PowerPill Fe-3, and using it for the past 4 years now.
It has improved my oil heating system, I got more heating, the fuel last longer and I had less maintenance, and I am saving around 500 a year and using less Fuel. I am very happy to help myself and Mother Nature. You can listen to my testimony on video:
December 2010 Mille Merci UBiee PowerPill Fe-3 Danielle Michiels

Hello, Sarah Pritchard here, in South West France.
I care about Mother Earth and our environment. That is why I became a UBIEE Ambassador and promote the UBiee PowerPill Fe-3.
We use the UBiee PowerPill Fe-3 in both our 'old' cars. We have noticed an increase in mileage per gallon. We are very pleased about that and to be helping take care of Mother Earth for our children, with our cars giving off less emissions.
We have driven the little Twingo from here to England a number of times and were surprised by how well she ran and what power we had on those long journeys.
December 2010 Thank you, Sarah Pritchard

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Lhd Ag Magnate I   Affiliate Marketer
This looks a good product. thanks for sharing.
Dec 3rd 2010 13:39   
Gary Wells Committed   Seo Pro USA
I have used the UBIEE POWER-Pill for a little over 4 years in several vehicles and even in my riding Lawn mower and in each case I saved Fuel, gained power and noticed that it took much longer for the oil to get dark, which of course told me that it was keeping my engines clean. It also gave me gratification to know that I was taking a minimum of 78% of the bad emissions out of the air we breathe, and helping our environment.
Dec 3rd 2010 13:46   
Danielle Michiels Advanced   UBIEE Chief corp Secretary
I am a very happy person who does use the Ubiee PowerPill Fe-3 since 4 years for my house heating system, it is running smoother ever since and uses less Gaz oil and less maintenance and heating more, nothing can beat this Powerpill it is a Winner.

Dec 3rd 2010 13:53   
DEJAN T. Advanced   Internet Surfer in All Areas
thx for infoo.... .and sharing this site very nice site ................
Dec 3rd 2010 16:40   
Toni Schaberick Advanced   DePuy Hip Implant Victim
This sounds very interesting. Will take a look at it. I am living in Florida so this could be a great help since I am always using more gas than I think it should.
Dec 3rd 2010 19:40   
Vps Malhotra Magnate II   Free Lancer
The NEW Generation UBiee PowerPillONE OF A KIND and is NOT AVAILABLE anywhere elseMoney Back Guarantee
Saves you Money
Environmentally friendly
Improves fuel economy
Increases engine power
Dec 3rd 2010 20:55   
Geraldine Mostert Senior   Affiliate, house/petsitter
this is interesting. I certainly will be looking into it. Thanks for sharing.
Dec 3rd 2010 21:43   
Krunal Jalora Committed   IT Solutions-Clever Strategy Skill
My name is Jerry McAdams from the Dominican Republic.
What happen when I put UBiee PowerPill in my car.
First, I have a old car 1999 you know how thing bug you when you don't know what it is I had a sound in my motor that bug me.
Dec 4th 2010 03:23   
mcphat Junior  
Great site. Make me feel to bookmark this site.
Dec 4th 2010 04:12   
Tony Koes Senior   Engineer
You tell about the Great product.. and u telling the truth about it.
Dec 4th 2010 04:38   
Malok Mading Committed   Writer and Blogger.
I like this inform and the as well.It is interesting!
Dec 4th 2010 05:54   
Vladimir V. Senior   revenue&profits
Very good!!! Very good!!! Very good!!! Very good!!! Very good!!! Very good!!!
Dec 4th 2010 06:00   
Dr. Michael D. Advanced   The UBIEE HQ for Greener Nations
I am glad to see that we got so much response for the Rev page about the NG UBiee PowerPill.
I personally use the Pill now for over 5 years and I simply love the little Pill. Nearly no Maintenance Work, spark plug last over 60000 miles already and my fuel savings around 16% are constant. Not bad considering that I also pass all emission tests with best notes that even make the tester aware that something is different.
I AM a very proud user and I am also a hard working distributing partner who works very closely together with the NEW IMAGE GROUP from New Zealand, who BTW is a Stock Traded Company in NZ under the Ticker Code "NEW" for those of you interested to make your own Due Diligence about our Distributed product the NG UBiee PowerPill.

Especially for this X-Mas time we have launched on Dec. 1st the Website that you all looked at. A truly full of testimonies sponsored Website with a 500.000 US$ Sponsorship from New Image NZ, enabling to reduce our Normal Sales Price to the Public by 71%.
After 5 Years of distribution, in many countries, now a specific approach has been made, to open markets for EUROPE and AMERICA.

Test out the NG UBiee PowerPill yourself. You will love it. NG UBiee PowerPill always works. It is a product you need to use to believe it, since there are so many competing products on the market that promise similar things but most of them do not work.
That is why we have the money back guarantee to make sure you understand that we are serious and want to relief the world from its high emissions. The UBiee PowerPill is a UN MDG 7 Solution.

With best regards

Dr. Michael U Dolgoruky
Founder & Chariman
RingSMS Espaa S.L. / UBIEE Corporation

Dec 4th 2010 07:11   
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