The Brain Evolution System

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The Most POWERFUL & Advanced Brainwave Entrainment Technology! brainwave meditation technique & mind enhancing Brain System. SPECIAL binaural audio & 3D digital effects..The Ultimate UNFAIR Advantage!
Recommended Features
  • 3-Point Dynamic Entrainment Audio program that helps influence your brainwaves, using 3 different methods: Binaural Brainwave Entrainment, Rhythmic (Isochronic Tones) & Temporal Brainwave Entrainment.
  • Lush natural soundscapes recorded with crystal clear fidelity at breathtaking locations. Digitally mastered audio, each level containing over 100 separate audio tracks.
  • Broad range of benefits built into 6 unique training programs, each designed to refine brain power and build self-mastery. Initial results achieved quickly, often with first use.
  • Powerful & effective 30 min. programs designed to fit flexibly within your day. In addition to your 6 disc box set, each 30 minute session is available for download into your iPod, MP3 or media player
  • Upfront, one-time, affordable price. One price buys you the full six-month program. Easy, interest-free, guaranteed acceptance pricing plan available, so you can spread the cost over 3 easy payments.
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Review on The Brain Evolution System

Can YOU imagine a simple self-development tool...
That can help you THINK FASTER and SHARPER than EVER BEFORE?

DOUBLE your ability to learn. THINK like a genius. RELEASE stress. BREEZE through your studies. UNLOCK hidden ability. SOLVE problems quickly.
Well, it's ALL POSSIBLE - with the Brain Evolution System.

It's a simple, six-CD program for helping you MASTER your BRAIN - by literally CHANGING your BRAINWAVES.

It works by using special sounds to help influence your brainwaves - which helps to change your mood, your focus, your stress levels, your confidence - and MUCH MORE!

You'll find yourself enjoying LIMITLESS ENERGY and MOTIVATION. Your emotional baggage will simply DISAPPEAR. Your relationships will IMPROVE. Your confidence will SOAR. You'll experience more CREATIVE RUSHES. You'll become IMMUNE to worries and tension.

And all because you spend JUST 30 MINUTES listening to a simple audio recording.

Now, in the self-development world, everybody knows that meditation is GOOD.

It can bring a million untold benefits. And yet how many of us truly have time to quieten our minds for hours on end each day?

Well, that's where the Brain Evolution System comes in.

The Brain Evolution System - or BrainEv, for short - uses something known as "brainwave entrainment" to help skip years of unnecessary meditation.

It uses specially manipulated sounds to help influence brainwaves, putting the mind into a deep state of meditation within minutes of listening - removing the need for countless hours of mind-quietening, Zen-monk-like practice.

But we've heard all of this before - with programs such as Holosync and Hemi-Sync.

What sets BrainEv apart from it's competitors, claim the developers, is it's patent-pending 3 Point Dynamic Entrainment Audio Process. This means BrainEv uses three different entrainment methods at the same time - stopping the brain getting too accustomed to one particular pattern, and more closely-matching how brainwaves really work.

Sounds impressive... But does the Brain Evolution System really live up to its claims?
Well, to put it to the test - I decided to try it myself for two whole months!

The first level can only be described as a true soundscape. With it's natural, "distant" etheric feel, you could tell a million things were going on in the background - yet couldn't help but just relax and let them float by.

Now, I've listened to a lot of relaxation music - so I'm used to trickling waterfalls and singing bowls. But this audio was genuinely POWERFUL. You could feel it working, influencing your brainwaves, and helping you to relax further.

It's recommended you listen to each 30-minute level once per day, six days a week, for a whole month. Then you move onto the next level - finishing all six levels within six months.

Well, after my first listening session, I instantly felt more relaxed. My head was less "foggy" - and I enjoyed a focus and clarity I'd not experienced in quite some time. It's hard to explain, however I had a smile on my face - and didn't really know why!

I continued throughout the first month - and saw a truly noticeable difference in my behavior. I became more and more relaxed and calm. My brain seemed to operate faster, and I became more quick-witted. My confidence continued to improve, without any real effort.

Then, near the end of the first month, the full CD package landed at my door.

This was a professionally-packaged six-CD set, with a user guide, and a free two month supply of the mind-sharpening Acuity supplement - specially designed to help "fuel" the mind when using BrainEv.

During the second month, I worked with level two. And I can honestly say that I began noticing real differences.
Again, the Brain Evolution System made a very definite, positive impact.

Colleagues commented on my permanent state of happiness. I felt much more relaxed, even during the most stressed-out periods of my day. My thinking speed DEFINITELY increased - and the tablets helped boost my focus even further. Creative spurts increased. My reading speed rocketed. I found myself coming up with more elegant solutions to problems. I also found myself soaking up information more rapidly than before.

And another thing: I began waking up after just five hours of sleep. This simple meditation program was reducing my usual EIGHT HOURS down to just five - thanks to 30 minutes of listening, six times a week.

So, does the Brain Evolution System work? Is it truly the most powerful self-development tool in the world?

Well, I don't know about that. But it's certainly the most powerful brainwave meditation program I've ever stumbled across! During my two-month trial, it genuinely delivered an impressive set of results - all exactly as promised.

BrainEv Pros: Great program, AMAZING benefits, professional package, round-the-clock support.

BrainEv Cons: Still requires 30 minutes of your time, 6 days a week.

Verdict: Highly recommended! A+++

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