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by Philippe Moisan Tutorial videos, writing
With, create awesome web video pages in less than a minute, get a lot of views, make money!
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  • Join for FREE and create an unlimited number of video stages!
  • Don't have your own videos? No problem! Use videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Metacafe and more.
  • Upgrade, get referrals, put your banners and ads on your and your downline stages, make money!
  • Viewers can comment on your stages!
  • Read more about stats below
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Review on share videos make money

With, no need for technical skills to build awesome video web pages. They provide everything you need:

* A very nice choice of background themes
* Radio buttons and tick boxes for every option
* Banners to advertise your stages

Stages. That's the word they use for the video web pages you will build. It takes less than a minute to build a stage.

When you upgrade, you can make money with 3 ways:

1. Google AdSense

2. Put your own banners and text ads on your stages

3. Recruit people that will also create stages. If they don't upgrade, your ads appear on their stages.

Here is some information and numbers that provided:


Not everyone joins for the income opportunity. Did you know that we have THOUSANDS of members using the system for free...
... just having fun sharing videos with friends on our amazing looking Stages?
We absolutely LOVE free members. Know why?
Us, you, everyone who is in this to make a little cash... or should we say a LOT of CASH! Check this out:
We were looking through the stats and found that there are a ton of free members with a staggering number of Stages that are getting an unbelievable volume of page views. For example...
Mary from Canada has made a whopping 74 Stages with the majority getting an average of 100 views! One of her Stages had over 200 views!!
Let's see now. 74 Stages averaging 100 views... That's 7,400 page views!

It benefits Mary's sponsor - Ryan from Australia!
As a free member Mary is just here to have fun making Stages. And man is she ever! Also, because Mary hasn't upgraded her account yet she isn't able to control the banner ads, text ads and Google Adsense ads on her Stage.
On the flip side, as a paid member Ryan is here to make some cash. And as Mary's sponsor he is able to control ALL of the banner ads on Mary's Stages. So ALL of those clicks on her Stages create FREE traffic to Ryan's online businesses!

The moral of this story Philippe, is to spread the word about how fun it is to share videos with Staged!

You don't have to sponsor paid members... to make MONEY!

Mary is a perfect example of how a free member can make their sponsor a lot of money.

In closing, all of these stats we have been looking at gave us a great idea. Log into the Members site today and scroll to the bottom on the first page you get to.
There you'll see some cool new stats pertaining to what's going on is with Stages!

You'll see the Stages with the greatest number of views, starting with "whatsbestonline" with an amazing 27,773 views!

You'll also see the usernames of members who have created the most Stages (271 is the most right now) and the main web sites where the Stage videos are being taken from.


End of info from

Need I say more?

Join me at

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Sean North Professional   Business
Looks interesting Philippe, will invstigate further to see if I can use it to enhance my business
Apr 23rd 2011 01:46   
Philippe Moisan Magnate II   Tutorial videos, writing
Go ahead, Sean. One thing I can tell you is, Laura Newton showed it to me, and she's very excited by it. She's very successful online, so it was a no brainer for me. :)
Apr 23rd 2011 01:51   
Laura Newton Committed  The Water Filter Lady
This is one of the coolest marketing tools ever! I am hooked on staged! I've already built over 30 stages, and have 4 upgrades! This is a phenominal program. If you guys havent checked it out, I highly recommend you take a look. You'll be shocked at the power of Staged!

Apr 23rd 2011 05:31   
Jan Chem Committed   Engineer, Entrepreneur, Educator
I like this. This can make my Apsense get better results. Pls. share this to all and to me. A great program.
Apr 23rd 2011 08:44   
Masto Mashar Senior   nutrisionis
I like a simple business that no need much software because premember likes a simple explaining.
Apr 23rd 2011 08:44   
Philippe Moisan Magnate II   Tutorial videos, writing
4 upgrades, Laura? Awesome! One more reason to promote this as much as possible. :)
Apr 23rd 2011 08:49   
Laura Newton Committed  The Water Filter Lady
thats right Phil. So my membership is paid for! Thats not all. Anyone who joins under me that is not upgraded, all my advertisements stay on their stages. This is a great reason to upgrade. All you need is 2 paid members under you and your membership is paid for. So simple and fun. And literally thousands of people are seeing my advertisements on all my stages. This really is a no brainer Phil. Wishing you much success with it. Hugs.
Apr 23rd 2011 12:17   
Bradley Matthews Committed  I help people earn income online.
This is a great video marketing tool. Have been a member for a few weeks now.
Apr 23rd 2011 13:04   
Philippe Moisan Magnate II   Tutorial videos, writing
Fantastic, Laura. I am taking it more seriously, I'm up to 15 stages so far.

Bradley, your comment confirms I made the right choice in following Laura in this. Thanks!
Apr 23rd 2011 13:08   
Brenda W. Professional   Life Learner
I'm a newbie at creating and producing my own videos and I'm sure this site will be of great assistance to me.
Apr 23rd 2011 22:33   
Chukwuekwu Okonta Professional   Forensic accountant
I like upgrading because adsense,banners for my stage.
Apr 24th 2011 04:43   
Eddie Tan Freshman   Restaurant Manager
is it true? well, i will have a look and try. see what stuff inside and how to make money. I will post a comment.
Apr 24th 2011 04:43   
Anil Kumar Advanced   blogger
all time in social sites are embarrassing videos every one and it's influence very inspired me, I am researching the vidio site and it's attractions.
Apr 24th 2011 13:24   
David L. Professional   Freelance web designer n blogger
thanks for introduction about this site. is a nice sharing info too. thanks..
Apr 24th 2011 13:24   
Melvin Jackson Advanced   
It sounds interesting but right now I have too much on my plate. So right now would not be the best time for me
Apr 24th 2011 13:24   
Jasna Sato Professional   Own business,Food Supplement
Its sounds good ,very interesting,not board to make money,if ever i wanna check first ..and try.thnk's for share.
Apr 24th 2011 22:44   
Masto Mashar Senior   nutrisionis
for user or member must have a quality software,speed processor,ram and other sofware such as flashplayer, etc.
i also got the problem like above..also i have to upload to store website..
Apr 25th 2011 08:21   
Philippe Moisan Magnate II   Tutorial videos, writing
Thanks for the feedback, everyone. I believe can be very good for getting traffic. Yesterday, I created close to 10 stages, it's so easy.
Apr 25th 2011 10:31   
Jose Palomino Professional   Consultant
Phil, I am impress. This looks really professional and it looks like something I would trust without a second check. Congrats!. ...Keep up the great work!.. Jose
Apr 25th 2011 23:28   
Philippe Moisan Magnate II   Tutorial videos, writing
Thanks, Jose. I have created about 30 stages so far. The latest one was jackpot, I got 50 views on the stage after 45 minutes :)

I have 3 referrals so far, and I'm just starting to get more agressive in promoting it.
Apr 25th 2011 23:32   
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