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52% of all Internet content is now viewed through Video. That relates to the income generated through Internet Marketing as well. So where are you in this mix? I was out in the cold.
Recommended Features
  • Proprietory software that is operated by simple "click"s which is easy and fast - very fast actually
  • Individually owned and supported
  • Product on the market for one year plus, with all the bugs worked out
  • Perfect for the technically challenged
  • Makes Web 2.0 interactive activity available to everyone
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Review on Sharing & Caring Through Video

I knew I needed to add videos to my web pages and offers. I had been recommended to Camtasia but I wasn't comfortable with what I read or the cost. Then I looked at some free video offers on the Internet but found there was always a "hook" I didn't want to be hooked on.

Then I received an email from one of my program owners, whom I trust, and went to see about his free Video program. It was on Video of course and without the usual "Hoorah, Hoorah!" crapolla, no making millions, in other words no nonsense. Was he was offering was straight forward, free and easy. The latter 3 words are personal buttons of mine and I joined.

Videos made in heaven. No kidding. There is a button on the Members screen that says "Record" and that is it children. You are "live". When you are finished it says "Save?" Yes. Then a message comes up "Publish?" No - not yet. I thought I should go over the rest of my options. However, I realized with only 3 clicks I could create and publish my very own Video, providing I knew in advance what I wanted my Video to do. All the endless possibilities started flashing before me.

Are you relating to any of this?

Let's back up for a moment. Would you watch television as much as you do if there were no pictures - only text? No, I didn't think so. What is the secret to Television? The secret to Television is it is belly to belly communication. You can see who is speaking and you are forming opinions about the person either consciously or unconsciously. You pick up on their mannerisms, body language, sincerity and empathy. This tells you if you are going to trust that person and what they are saying or doing. The same goes for Video. Now your prospect has an opportunity to view these same attributes about yourself. That is why it is expected that the Video share of the Internet is really just beginning. You need to get on board too.

However, what made me pull my wallet out of my purse was the Video aspect of his program was really the hook. Why? Because he was also offering me an autoresponder that went with this program. No restrictions except common sense and no spamming. Really, this was all about List Building and he has over 200,000 prospects. Yikes! It didn't happen over night - it took him 10 years. Is he successful? Yep. His members (prospects) trust him and take his suggestions seriously. He also made a whack of money. He communicates with us twice a week through his Blog and there is a help desk that tries to get back to you within the hour. Do you realize how much money you can save by dumping Aweber or that other outfit? Anywhere from $20 (less a nickel) - $50 per month depending on how many prospects you are servicing. I paid because I wanted to sew up the deal without him backing out or thinking up another program like an Autoresponder one.

So, check it out and then why don't you join me so we can grow together. Thanks for reading.

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