by Redeemer T. Internet Entrepreneur,Web Developer
Zeekrewards is the affiliate site of Zeekler(Auction Site). Zeekler is looking for people to help them build their brand, to advertise for them and earn an average of 1,5% in interest per day.
Recommended Features
  • Register as a Silver member for a fee of 10$ a month.
  • Get a free 100 bonus points and 10 VIP points with is $10 in Value
  • Earn 1,5% each day in interest on your 100 bonus points and 10 VIP points for 60 and 90 days respectively.
  • From day 61 watch your VIP pool growing with 4 new VIP points a that will earn you $4 a day
  • Win Cool Stuffs on our Zeelker Auction Site.
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ZeekRewards, is's private, invitation-only, affiliate advertising division where Associates can qualify to earn rewards on every Retail bid they sell and every VIP bid they buy and give away as samples.
What we can do is the following:
Give away free bids to the auction site and get people signed up as customers, using the site, buying more bids, hopefully winning some great things.
What we must do once each day is tell Zeek Rewards about an advertisement we've placed online. Could be on our website, blog, facebook, twitter, classified ad, text ad, banners and for that we will get paid.
How and how much will we get paid than?
Well, when we sign up as "worker" for zeekler we buy sample bids, these are the bids that will make us money.
We are paid roughly 1,5% each day in "interest" on these money.
What happens is this: the owner of zeekler and zeekrewards (Paul Burks) totals up all the income of the day and spreads it evenly to us all, in figures roughly 1,5% each day
In order to make money in zeek rewards you need to be what they call a "preferred customer" which means you need a higher membership level than just free. There are three levels, silver, gold and diamond. Silver is $10 a month, gold $50 and diamond 100$ a month.
So as a silver member you get 100 bonus points and 10 VIP points (sample bids, the "investment" so to speak) that will earn interest for you for 60 and 90 days respectively.
The calculation will be something like this, if we assume you get an average of 1,5% per day
after 60 days, your 10 VIP points(sample bids) have grown a bit becoming 24 VIP points
and your 100 Bonus points have grown a bit as well by the end of their 60 days cycle, becoming 240 bonus points, and on day 61 be transferred to your VIP points,
So, on day 61 you will have 24+240 =264 VIP points and if we stay on the 1,5% they will earn around 4 $ day, with your VIP pool growing with 4 new VIP points a day, so you watch your $10 earning money for you.


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Agwu athur Advanced  Consultant
make free real money all my friends and get two dollar from me too
Feb 21st 2012 14:37   
Jose Palomino Professional   Consultant
Making money online is not as easy as the scammers are telling. Too many people come online and think they are going to make thousands immediately without any work.
Feb 21st 2012 17:06   
Istvan J. Senior   I'm helping people to reach their goals
That right, Jose!!! Nobody gives money for nothig/free! Neither companys!
You have to work for money even on the internet! Many people don't want to work and they just want the money! :S
If somebody wants to make money can contact me to, I'll teach them what to do!
I have capacity now for only 3 persons!
Feb 21st 2012 17:28   
Jose Palomino Professional   Consultant
Hi Istvan, I am doing business on the Net on part time. I do it because I like and not because I need it to live.
Feb 21st 2012 17:50   
Istvan J. Senior   I'm helping people to reach their goals
Jose! Me too :) I am a pastor/reverend. So I have not so much time for online business. That's why a wrote that I have capacity for only 3 new members in my business. :)
Feb 21st 2012 18:03   
Agwu athur Advanced  Consultant
it is very hard for old man to understand the new on-line business and how to work with so painful lol
Feb 21st 2012 21:22   
Jose Palomino Professional   Consultant
Agwu. Are you a person always looking for beter ways to make money on the Internet?.
Feb 21st 2012 21:28   
ابو ادم ديمي ديمرداش Junior  مصمم ويب
Greetings and thanks for this wonderful offer. I wish you success and look forward to all new developments. I am following you anyway
Jan 6th 2022 06:29   
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