Reasons to Buy Travel Insurance

by Komang Putrawan web programmer
There are many reasons to buy travel insurance, because just as you cant predict where lightning will strike, you cant predict what may happen on a trip.
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Review on Reasons to Buy Travel Insurance

There are many Reasons to Buy Travel Insurance, because just as you cant predict where lightning will strike, you cant predict what may happen on a trip.

Need to cancel

Youve planned to go skiing for ages, and youve finally got the trip scheduled. Just before you are due to leave, the kids get sick with the flu. Youll be taking care of them for days and it will be a miracle if you dont get sick. Will you be able to recover your non refundable fees even the lift tickets?

Youve been planning an anniversary trip, but the week before you are scheduled to leave, the boss calls to tell you that you are required to work for a week of emergency meetings. Will you be able to reschedule your trip and recover the money you put down?

You are taking the family on a cruise before school starts. Days before your scheduled departure, severe rain causes flood damage to your home. With only a week to dry out and make the repairs before returning to work, youve got more immediate and more expensive things on your mind. Will you be able to get your money back?

With trip cancellation coverage, youll be able to recover your out-of-pocket expenses for these covered reasons and more.

miss your connection

Youve planned a cruise with your girlfriends, but you discover the connecting flight to get to the ship is delayed. The customer service agents apologize for the missed connection, but it looks like you will miss your cruise departure. How will you catch up to the ship?

With missed connection coverage, you can take another flight to catch the ship at the next port-of-call. Youll also have assistance services to help you arrange and pay for those travel changes.

flight is canceled

After attending the family reunion, you arrive at the airport to return home and are told tornadoes have canceled all flights through Dallas. Who will help you find a new flight to return home?

With trip interruption coverage, youll have the money you need to get a new return ticket or wait out the delay in a comfortable hotel.

A hurricane damages your destination

You saved all year for a summer vacation to Aruba, but as the vacation draws closer, so does a hurricane that destroys the hotel, shatters the pool, and litters the beach with debris. As you watch the television in horror, your dream vacation is washed away. Will you lose all the money you worked so hard to save?

With travel insurance protection for weather damage, youll be able to recover your pre-paid costs. Travel assistance services will also help you arrange a vacation at a new location one the hurricane missed.
A terrorist event occurs

Youve planned an excursion to Egypt for years, but weeks before leaving a terrorist attack occurs. The airports are closed and Egypt is in chaos. It would be unwise to travel now, but will you lose all your non refundable fees?

With terrorism coverage, you can cancel your trip without losing all the money youve spent.

Get sick or injured

You and your friends have planned a hiking trip to climb Machu Picchu since college. After your first night in Lima, you wake with severe stomach pains and a high fever. You cannot start your hike. Instead, you need emergency medical care and quick.

With travel medical coverage, you wont be paying a huge medical bill. Youll also have assistance services in your own language to locate a suitable medical facility and arrange transportation.

Baggage is delayed or lost

Your special day has finally arrived a wedding at a beach side resort. Unfortunately, the airline made a mistake and your baggage will be delayed. Luckily youve got the dress and the rings, but what about your other clothes, shoes, toothpaste, and personal items?

With coverage for delayed bags, you can relax. The service hot-line will help you recover your bags. Youll also be reimbursed for the essential items you need to start enjoying your trip.

You are required to speak at a business conference in Las Vegas, but somewhere in transit, your baggage is lost. Your presentation is tomorrow, how will you get ready in time?

With coverage for luggage that is lost, stolen, or damaged, youll have the money you need to get new clothes and personal items. Youll even have coverage for a suitcase so you can take your new stuff home.

Passport is gone

You are at a conference in London, and you realize you left your passport at a local restaurant.

With coverage for lost passports, youll have help expediting the process of replacing and paying for a new passport.

Need emergency medical evacuation

You and your daughter have planned a summer tour of Mont-Blanc, but high in the mountains your daughter is overcome with dizziness and a dangerously high fever. She needs immediate medical attention. How will you get her to safety?

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