Promoting APSense in a webinar

by Philippe Moisan Tutorial videos, writing
Let's say you get invited to talk about APSense in a webinar. What would you say?
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  • It's easy to use?
  • It has tons of features?
  • Support is second to none?
  • Great place to build relationships?
  • What else?
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Review on Promoting APSense in a webinar

Many of you know that I'm the biggest APSense maniac out there. Well, Wincer is the owner, and APSense wouldn't exist without him, of course. But he stays mostly behind the scenes, he's very humble.

I've been active since October 2010 at APSense. I have written hundreds of articles, dozens of RevPages, I have created screencast videos about many of its features. I intend to create new videos to describe the awesome changes we've seen recently.

I was invited as a guest at a webinar by Janet Legere to talk about APSense. It will happen on a Saturday, at noon Eastern Time, in the next few weeks. The date hasn't been confirmed yet, but it should be in the middle of March.

What will I talk about? Good question. I need to think about it, there are so many features that are exciting at APSense, especially now.

I've built awesome relationships. I have used combinations of features to help spread the word about the things I love. For instance, I have put videos in articles, I have posted introductions to articles in group posts with of course a link to the article in question. The Cyber Land game is another way to promote anything you want.

There are things I need to learn about the new features, like the PageTour. I will do one for this RevPage. My friend Neville Dinning showed me cool ways of sharing documents by clicking a button while chatting using the APSense chat bar. You can use the status update to let people know what you're up to at the moment, as if you were on Twitter.

I could go on and on, but instead, I have a question for you: What would YOU talk about if you were asked to promote APSense to a group of people?

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Michael Carmona Senior   Making Money Online Rocks!!!
I would say the best social networking site created for internet marketer and business owners. With apsense you got all the tools for url shortener to traffic exchange and etc.
Feb 26th 2012 14:56   
Thanapoom L. Li Committed   Tintin in Thailand
where else can we find a place like Apsense. It surely is a one of a kind social network site,
Feb 26th 2012 15:09   
Philippe Moisan Magnate II   Tutorial videos, writing
Shshzada Usman Javed, I hadn't seen that in a long time, someone copying comments from other members. Your 2 comments are exact copies of earlier comments by other members. This is not allowed at APSense, I reported it as abuse. I suggest you take the time to write your own comments, or simply click on the thumb up at the top right when you don't have a comment to say. Doing this too many times could have consequences for you, and you're not branding yourself properly.
Feb 26th 2012 15:18   
Philippe Moisan Magnate II   Tutorial videos, writing
Toya, thanks for the feedback, I sure feel lucky to have the opportunity to do this webinar. As for videos about APSense, you can check in the APSense Wiki.
Feb 26th 2012 15:19   
Fajri B. Advanced   Management of Computer Information
Good Job Philippe. Quality features, breakthrough webinar is best to promote apsense.
Feb 26th 2012 15:24   
Philippe Moisan Magnate II   Tutorial videos, writing
Thanks, Fajri. With all the feedback I'm getting here, I better be well prepared for the webinar LOL
Feb 26th 2012 15:27   
Sergei Bragin Advanced   пользователь
I'm from Russia and I use a translator by Google
just forgot to translate
message deleted
Feb 26th 2012 15:48   
Philippe Moisan Magnate II   Tutorial videos, writing
Thanks, Sergei, I just deleted my comments about it, since they became irrelevant. The translator seems to do a very good job, because what you post in English is very clear
Feb 26th 2012 15:53   
Sergei Bragin Advanced   пользователь
thank you
For you can go for help?
Feb 26th 2012 15:57   
Philippe Moisan Magnate II   Tutorial videos, writing
Thanks for the awesome feedback, Gwendolyn. :) I went over the top with the PageTour for this RevPage, more for a demonstration of its possibilities, and I realized that having created many steps helped to make the video clearer. Now, it's all about finding the best way to use the PageTour to make it efficient.
Feb 26th 2012 16:03   
Philippe Moisan Magnate II   Tutorial videos, writing
Yes, Sergei, you can ask me questions, you can also go to the APSense Wiki, I will send you a connection request and we can go from there
Feb 26th 2012 16:04   
Pierre Eustache Chardavoine Advanced   Affiliate Marketer, web freelancer.
humble or not! His work gives amazing result! more advertising techniques and place can be only useful! keep it up! i admit that video descriptions will have more attention than text because of animations!
Feb 26th 2012 21:15   
YH Mow Senior   Professional Service provider in accounting, inter
Great article. It is good place for promoting businesses and career networking
Feb 27th 2012 01:12   
abid kamran Advanced
I think its a resource to link other people
and promote your business a very good way
Feb 27th 2012 02:13   
Willy C. Senior   IM Pro
This is real business social network.I truly like it is :talents.Article,RevPages,ask apsense,apsense me,the new face and chatrooms bar,it is in accordance with modern Internet:direct,quick,and easy.this is a great online marketing.
Feb 27th 2012 04:48   
Marc G. Advanced   Web Designer
Nice! i like the video about the Apsense feature and the way it describes on to another post makes this post more interesting:!!
Feb 27th 2012 06:22   
Mohammad Amjad Shaikh Advanced   Web Designer
it is ok, This is revolosi in the world of online business.nice Way To Promote Business On Apsense Best Quality Program .
Feb 27th 2012 06:39   
Adi Baig Advanced  Graphics Designer
yes you are correct. webinar reinforces your business over the internet.
Feb 27th 2012 08:03   
Fariz Fajar Advanced  SGT.
:O it's great, maybe i will try like that
but i continue to promote the apsense as a contribution :')
Feb 27th 2012 08:20   
Khae Umam Advanced   web surfer
good share..
thumb up from me..
but if you promote APSense to a group of people that new to apsense is How It Works because they have zero knowledge about apsense.
Feb 27th 2012 09:54   
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