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Best free programs for Windows PC to defragment the hard disk and optimize it by making the computer go faster.
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Best free programs for Windows PC to defragment the hard disk and optimize it by making the computer go faster.

Defragmentation software programs are those tools that organize file data bits on your computer's hard disk so that they are stored closer together so you can load them faster.
Technically, defragmenting the hard disk means moving the data of the various files that are remembered and written in different points of the disk, to write them close to each other.
The hard drive head reading the data will then have to go a little way to load the pieces of data in a file and it will work faster, improving the performance of the computer.
Ideally, defragmentation is one of those maintenance operations to be done at least once every two months, very often to throw the night hoping not to have the computer near the bed.
Keep in mind that a defragmented hard drive is a fast hard drive and therefore a healthy and significantly faster and optimized computer than one with a fragmented drive.
All versions of Windows include a built-in defragmentation program that we'll discuss in this list, but in most cases a dedicated program is definitely better, because it has more options to optimize your work.
In this list we see the best programs to defrag PC disk , only 100% free ones .

NOTE: Defragmentation is still only useful on PCs with mechanical hard drives, while it is absolutely forbidden and not to be done on SSD solid state drives, which do not need defragmentation.
1) First you can try the disk defragmentation utility included in Windows (all versions from XP to Windows 10), from which you can set the schedule and allows you to defrag internal and external disks.
However, the Windows utility is very slow and not too efficient in optimizing data.

In Windows 10 and 8, the Disk Defragmenter utility can be opened by Administrative Tools in Control Panel.

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