OPC 3 IsoTonic For your health

by Pat Barrow
Most advanced Nutraceuticals OPC3 Isotonix delivers high quality naturally delivered nutrients into your system more effectively using your bodys own natural absorption system
Recommended Features
  • Rapidley absorbed by the body, yeields maximum results
  • No fillers, binders, coatings, lubricants, high concentation of vitamin & minerals
  • Grape seed, red wine, bilberry, pine bark, citrus extract
  • Promotes cardiovascular & joint health, maintains healthy cholesterol & blood glucose levels
  • Supports, normal blood veseel diliation, combines beta carotene, selenium & vitamin C & E to rid of free radicals.
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Review on OPC 3 IsoTonic For your health

This is my official OPC-3 product review. This will hopefully help you make a decision whether or not OPC-3 will benefit you. I'm sure by the end of this article, you will have found this information important and useful.
I was introduced to this product by a friend earlier in this year 2010 after being dianoised with high blood pressure.

I reluctantly tried it and discovered not only did it taste good, but it started to help my body heal. Helping my pressure, energy, my skin looks great! and so much more.

The OPC-3 stands for oligomeric proanthocyanidins which are found in grape seed extract, red wine extract, Pine Bark extract, Bilberry extract, and Citrus Extract all of which are contained in this product. According to scientific research, OPCs have been found to be extremely powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatories. Since many illnesses and diseases are linked to some kind of inflammation, the OPCs work great on the body. It helps reduce blood pressure, cholestrol, it helps with Fibromyalgia, arthritis and the list goes on. This is not a cure all and I don't shout from the streets that this is the newest health craze. What I do know is that it works.

What I like about this product is that it's in an Isotonix form. Isotonix literally means "same pressure". When mixed with water this product is absorbed much much quicker in the body at a higher rate than pills or other liquids or powders. This allows your body to receive the maximum benefit the OPCs have to offer. The only way to absorb more nutrients is to stick an IV in your arm. I also like the taste. There are so many health supplements that taste awful or taste like cough syrup. The OPC-3 tastes like a tangy grape and mixed with the Calcium,gives the mixture a nice sweet flavor.

What I don't like about the product is if you live in a humid environment, sometimes the cap can become gummy. The OPC-3 is supposed to stored in a cool dry place and I think it can be sensitive to humidity. That's about the only dislike I have. The ordering process if fairly simple. In order to purchase any product, MarketAmerica requires you to become a preferred member so that you can receive updates and news about different deals and products. The website is very secure so ordering is stress free. MarketAmerica has over 3,000 big name partner stores like Target, Walmart, Nike, etc. They are larger than Amazon. Once you fill in your information you will be given the total plus shipping and handling. I suggest buying the 90 days supply for $69.95 because that will be the best value. It comes to around $22.32 per month. You should receive your product within 3-4 days. They are pretty quick about getting the products to their customers.

Another benefit is you have a personalized representative provided to you for any questions or concerns. You will receive an email from them generally within 24-48 hours. MarketAmerica also has a support number you can contact as well. I hope this has helped in your quest for health and nutrition.

Please let me know if this review helped you in making a decision for OPC3 today. Life is so short, why not live it in the best health possible .Try OPC-3 today!

Our sales are over 3 million bottles a week. That is a testimoney in itself.

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