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This company first pre-launched their online investment program on February 9th, 2012. My Traffic Value offers investors a couple of investment opportunities, the main one boasts a return on investmen
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  • 110% within 96 hours
  • The original 100% no-loss cycler concept
  • Daily variable % till 125% thereafter
  • Earn money without making an investment
  • Earn up to $1000 by playing games
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What is My Traffic Value?

My Traffic Value is all about creating, monetizing and sharing back the 'Traffic Value' we create by all coming to this website! We provide numerous opportunities to earn, including ways to make money from nothing, but our core process is based around our Traffic Value Investment.
What is Traffic Value?

Traffic Value is the sum potential purchasing power of people in, or observing, a given place.

Think of everything you are ever going to buy in your lifetime. That's a lot of things, and a lot of value! All that value is held as "potential" at your current location. Because where you are right now, is going to influence everything you do, and buy in the future. And that is why Traffic Value is worth extraordinary sums of money.
Traffic Value is ESSENTIAL to the success of every business!

Let's say you are going to build a coffee shop. Where do you locate your business?

SCENARIO 1: The middle of nowhere. Next to nobody passing by.
No hope of selling much coffee, regardless of how great your coffee is!

SCENARIO 2: The middle of Times Square, New York. Millions of people walking by every day.
Regardless of how good/bad your coffee (product), you going to sell a lot of it!
There are two points to take from this;

1. Traffic Value is hugely valuable. So valuable that back in 2005, YouTube, a loss making business at the time, was purchased by Google for $1.65billon, just because it had a lot of traffic! And Facebook, a free to use website, is about to IPO for as much as $100billon. For no other reason than a whole lot of traffic!

2. Traffic Value plays as much a part in the success of a business, as the product itself. Therefore, if you have amazing traffic value. It doesn't matter how lousy your product is, it's going to be a very straight forward success.
What does My Traffic Value do?

The entire concept of My Traffic Value is to use the prospect of making money, along with the great products games a

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