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GDI was founded in 1999 offers .WS domain names and web site hosting for $10 a month. Proven track record & it's certainly one of the most popular and well-known business opportunities online today.
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Review on My Global Domains International

Is GDI (Global Domain international) a scam? This is a question I asked myself several months ago, with so many "work from home" / "online jobs" on the web these days it is next to impossible for anyone to find a legitimate business. I personally went through several "business opportunities" dishing out big bucks in some cases, in the end each of these opportunities turned into a nightmare as I tried to cancel my account or was asked to pay more to get a special book to show me how to make real money. In the end I found that most companies online are there to make a buck off of you and that is it.
So when I asked myself if GDI was a scam or not I took into consideration 4 things:

1.What does GDI offer? When you get down to it GDI doesn't offer you web hosting, or a domain name, though these are included when you join GDI. What GDI is offering is an income opportunity. You have to ask yourself what's the difference between GDI and every other income opportunity on the web? The differences with GDI are many; however three stand out above the rest. First the income potential, which is based on $1 per month per each person you get signed up, which doesn't appear to be much at first, but when coupled with the second distinguishing feature has a very powerful, very lucrative potential behind it, that second point being the ability to offer the same opportunity to others and earning $1 off of each person they are able to give GDI's tremendous opportunity to. By showing 3 people how to show 3 how to use GDI and in turn having them do the same by the time this reaches its fifth level you stand to earn $363 per month. That in and of itself is not all that great however if you take into consideration the third point, which is each and every month thereafter you get the $363 month after month unless more people join GDI or cancel their accounts. I have found the rate at which people drop to be below 2%.

2.Stability. Stability within a company, any company, is something you should always look for. GDI has been in business since 1982 and has been ranked 37th in Inc magazine as one of the fastest growing companies. GDI is not a fly by night operation, this stood out to me as many online businesses and work from home opportunities are around one day then gone the next.

3.Support. More often than not you are left alone to work your own ideas and tactics in order to succeed in any business. With GDI you are given a abundant source of information and help from both GDI and your upline(the people/person responsible for offering you the GDI business opportunity). As mentioned in point 1 success is based on your ability to offer a great business opportunity to others and helping them do the same, this gives your upline a personal investment in your future...if you don't succeed neither do they. What does this mean exactly? Well it simply means that your upline will always be willing to help you with recruiting, with marketing strategy, with just about anything you could think of. GDI provides you with a very duplicatable and customizable way to help you recruit new members. Along with a road map to starting your own business it is the practice of many(though not all) GDI members to build their own downlines. This essentially means that rather than signing people up and then sending them on their way, GDI allows for a sponsor to place/give new signups to their immediate downline. So essentially in many cases you have someone recruiting people for you. I know that I personally do this and find it motivates both myself and my team. Again, the personal interest of your success is a priority of your upline.

4.Price: ALL businesses have a start up price. Whether you're opening up a pizza parlor or an online business you have startup cost. The great thing about GDI is that the cost is only $10 a month. That's it just $10 a month...that's less than the price of a soda a day.(33 Cents a day) Why is this so important? First, it is cheap(obviously) but affordable to ANYONE. Second, at only $10 a month you can rest assured that the people signing you up are not trying to scam you...who tries to scam $10? Third, you need only ask someone to spend $10 on investing in their future to convince people that GDI is great for them. At just $10 a month most people are willing to give GDI a try and once they do they are hooked.

Is GDI a scam? It has been my experience that not only is GDI NOT A SCAM, it is a great opportunity for anyone looking to start working online or for anyone looking to make an extra source of income month after month. From its wonderful opportunity, solid business foundation and stability, awesome support group personally invested in your success and it's amazingly low price GDI is the BEST online income opportunity for both experience and inexperience online workers.

Basically GDI IS NOT A SCAM.
For more information on GDI please take a look at the resources links section.

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