Marketing and The Internet Jungle

by Cynthia Slick Associate
Everyone has an angle. Nothing new to me coming from a world of mortgage brokers whom would sell a mortgage to just about anyone:) The trouble I have out here is no one really wants to help you unle
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Review on Marketing and The Internet Jungle

Late last night as I was about to go off to sleep I couldn't get this thought out of my mind. So you think you want to be an Internet Marketer (and what a great title for an Ebook I might add). It came from the same question I see from newbies who always ask on the social media sites can you really make money doing this? Well of course you can or there would not be so many people doing it and according to Wikipedia in 2006 it was a 6.5 billion dollar industry. So yes you can make money doing this. However you must educate yourself. After all if you woke up one morning and said to yourself I want to be a dentist you would not just toss a up shingle and start pulling teeth! Yes an extreme example but never the less the truth. Like anything you must have some idea how to do it. If you cannot type you cannot ever hope to be a typist. However if you take a few typing courses you could. Same thing here you have to be able to speak the laungage and traverse the jungle your about to aspire to.

Education may take many forms. Reading is a good place to start yet some people no matter how much they read cannot learn that way. So what are some of the other resources availbale to learn about the internet and all it holds? You have to be good at investigating things and have some idea just what it is you want to do as an internet marketer. There are many ways to make money out here. Affiliate marketing one of the largest ways is simply one business rewarding an affiliate for bringing in another to his business. There is display advertising, email advertising, marketing software, social media optimization, web design, web analytics, cost per action, cost per impression, cost per click, and the newest thing mobile advertising and the list can go on. As you can see there is alot to learn. Nothing comes easy ever. If you enter this world on network marketing thinking this is it this is the easy answer to all my prayers then you may as well go buy that next lotto ticket you have the same chance of winning millions. If on the other hand you approach as you would any business and job. Then the answer is a very big resonding yes you can make money as an internet marketing. Start small ask question go on the social sites and build relationships those are all good places to start. Be safe and more to come I promise, Cindy

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Philippe Moisan Magnate II   Tutorial videos, sci-fi writer
Hi Cynthia, may I recommend that your "about" section not be cut in the middle of a word ?
Nov 1st 2010 18:04   
James Bonham Committed   tweetsmaster
Hi Cynthia,you are so right it`s a jungle out there.I recommend IM faceplate because it has put me on top of Google for the search terms I like the most.
Nov 1st 2010 18:24   
Paula van Dun Magnate II   Retired
Very true Synthia. People jump in in affiliate marketing without any prior investigation or education and therefore are likely to fail or to get burned. it is said before in many topics and we must keep spreading the word since new newbies start every day
Nov 1st 2010 18:26   
Cyn S. Senior   Our Food As Medicine, Health and Wellness Blogger
Great Post. I'm sharing to Twitter and voted!
Nov 14th 2010 00:13   
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