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Some daily habits could actually reduce a persons immune system. Without realizing there are 8 things that can make a persons immune system decline.

Decreased immune not only makes a person sick with the flu or a cough, but it makes people vulnerable to infection by bacteria or viruses outside.

Excerpted from Prevention, Wednesday (06/10/2010) there are 8 things that can lower the immune response, namely:

Often stayed up late
Reducing sleep time will have a strong adverse effect on immunity, it is because of less hours of sleep is associated with decreased immune system function and reduce the number of cells that protect against germs. Researchers from the University of Chigago found people who slept 4 hours, will only produce as much as 50 percent of antibodies in the blood.

Acting pessimistic
A study from UCLA finds that college students start the first semester with the optimist has a better T cell phones, so it can strengthen the immune response and strengthen natural killer cells in the body. This is probably because she would make a bit of stress that he has a good health.

Always feeling depressed and stressed
Chronic stress and pressure received every day not only makes the job becomes uncomfortable, but also detrimental to the health aspects including immunity. Type of stress can cause a decrease in the ability of the immune system to fight disease. Therefore, try to find ways to reduce stress, such as going to a place, do yoga or do fun things.

Always borrow a pen or goods of another person
Germs are very easily passed from hand to hand, so avoid touching common objects such as pens or other things in order to reduce the risk of catching a cold or a contagious disease that can affect the immune system.

Always use a vehicle to go anywhere
Someone who always use a vehicle and never walk will make him more vulnerable to sickness and immune decline compared with people who walk regularly. The experts said that running or aerobics for 30 minutes to make white blood cells back into circulation and immune system back more smoothly.

Having friends who smoke
It is known that inhalation of cigarette smoke can be harmful to the body, including a persons immune system. Therefore, as much as possible to avoid exposure to cigarette smoke when spending time with a smoker.

Often taking antibiotics
Researchers found patients taking certain antibiotics can reduce the amount of cytokines (hormone messengers of the immune system). So when the immune system suppressed, one will be easier to develop resistant bacteria. For that antibiotics should not eat carelessly, unless prescribed by a doctor.

Has a serious personality
Researchers reveal the positive emotions associated with laughter can lower stress hormones and enhance certain immune cells and activate the other.

Research conducted by Loma Linda University School of Medicine have healthy adults who watch a funny video for an hour will experience a significant increase in the activity of the immune system.


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Great info! It is never too much to know about health-related topics.
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