*$* Global Mastermind Team

by Alexander Seidler Network/Online Marketing
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Hop Trieusung Magnate III   Welcome to new marketer
It is informative for sharing
Apr 20th 2013 22:21   
Chukwuekwu Okonta Professional   Forensic accountant
I agree with Hop it is informative, though site link not mobile friendly
Apr 23rd 2013 00:59   
Rieke F. Senior   Consultant
Interesting reading on '*$* Global Mastermind Group'. Personally I have some doubts that there exists a system to easily get 'partner' for your primary company based on Network Marketing. If you have found it all I can say is: Congrats and enjoy a stable, life long success!
Apr 23rd 2013 03:32   
Alexander Seidler Senior  Network/Online Marketing
Thanks for your comments. @Chuks Okonta they are right. The mobile page its under construction now. thanks!
@Rieke F. what has you prevented to read the complete information? They knew for exactly today, and not have to suspect! What is the target of a guess?
Apr 24th 2013 14:11   
Rieke F. Senior   Consultant
@Gold Brand, I read the complete information. I know some great person in Network Marketing and have seen how they grow their team. The best results where delivered by personal contact and over time, not immediately. May be you get a huge list even in your target group. But when all these people are full of doubts or bombarded with other offers from other people. --- Anyway this is only my opinion.
Apr 25th 2013 05:08   
Alexander Seidler Senior  Network/Online Marketing
@Rieke F. Yes you're right, some people can be influenced quickly or make too many things at the same time. The times have changed - by sociale networks, the people quickly distracted and lose their focus. They receive much more information faster than ever a few years ago. There was the business face to face but I know the people with the clear focus will be successful! Many people must learn to deal with all of the information correctly, which still needs some time. The business is still the same face to face! The good side - to get into the conversation as we now :)
May 18th 2013 09:03   
Alexander Seidler Senior  Network/Online Marketing
@Chuks Okonta now the page should work on their mobile device, again many thanks for the note.
May 18th 2013 09:14   
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