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Get your first learn hypnosis course lesson now, with audio and worksheet downloads and enter a fascinating new world of hypnotic influence.
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  • 5 email lessons: One lesson every two days gives your self hypnosis training time to 'sink in'
  • 5 audio sessions: Every training session is supported by an audio hypnosis session to give you real experiences of hypnosis (mp3 or streaming format)
  • Worksheet download: A printable pdf to support your course and refine your knowledge
  • Free trance script: Marked with hypnotic language patterns in downloadable, printable pdf format
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Hypnosis Downloads Review
By James Manktelow, CEO,

Hypnosis is a subject that has quietly fascinated me for many years. Its also a subject I have to be careful talking about for many, the word conjures up off-putting associations with mysticism or quackery, and this leads them to steer clear of it.

This is a shame, because hypnosis is a useful technique that combines deep relaxation with affirmative suggestion, a powerful combination that can have significant and lasting benefits, particularly when dealing with stress.

The relaxation hypnosis gives is of the same type of that described by Dr Herbert Benson of Harvard University. Benson studied meditation, and showed how it leads to the deep relaxation that can help people overcome the harmful effects of stress. Hypnosis is close enough to meditation for it to have the same effects.

Suggestion is an important part of positive thinking, and is a useful and highly effective approach for changing the damaging things we can say to ourselves, often subconsciously.

So, if hypnosis is a useful technique, how do we use it?

One approach is to use the downloadable MP3-based hypnosis scripts, provided by sites like

With titles like Building Self-Esteem, Self Acceptance, Fear of Flying, House of Deep Rest, and many, many more, these tackle many of the common problems that people face. They combine deep relaxation with good advice and well-crafted suggestion, giving an enjoyable listening experience.

I listened to a number of the MP3s to evaluate them, rather than seeking to solve a specific issue, so I cant say whether theyre effective or not. However, the advice seemed sensible and well thought-through, so I have no doubts that the MP3s are effective, just as long as you listen to them sufficiently often.

The scripts are around 15 minutes long, are clearly and elegantly spoken, are well engineered, and are a pleasure to listen to. Being MP3-based, these can be downloaded onto your PC or an MP3 player, and can be listened to at a time and in a place that suits you. Im sure that many of the people who use these MP3s do so listening to them in bed, on their iPod.

Downloading was simple and straight-forward. I put the scripts I wanted to review in the site shopping cart, went to the check out, entered credit card information, and clicking the button. On completion of the purchase, I was able to download the MP3s without any problems.

All in all, it was easy to get hold of the downloads, and Im pleased with what I got.

You can find out about Hypnosis Downloads by clicking

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i wanna learn
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You can click the text link: Click Here To Learn More and fill the form :)
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I have also been fascinated with hypnosis and have read a lot on this subject. As a matter of fact I think this is one of the best alternative to get rid of all your problems.
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