Fat Burning Furnace - Scam?

by Michele Johnson Review Writer
Ive heard a lot about Fat Burning Furnace, so I decided to try it out for myself. Find out what happened when I tried Fat Burning Furnace.
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Review on Fat Burning Furnace - Scam?

Ive heard a lot aboutFat Burning Furnace, so I decided to try it out for myself. Find out what happened when I tried Fat Burning Furnace.
Im sure I dont have to tell you that there are a lot of scams online nowadays. Also Im REALLY sure I dont have to tell you how many scams there are in the fitness industry.
HOLY there another industry that has as many scam artists than the fitness industry???? Well..maybe the credit repair industry. But thats a close call.
Seriously, who hasnt bought a scam product thinking that it was going to transform their body into a lean mean machine?Cmon admit it!!!I know I certainly have. In fact, its quite embarrassing the mountain of garbage that I bought from stupid infomercials.
It really isnt anything new in this industry. Ever since people were a little overweight or out of shape, there was somebody pushing their exercise regimen, diet pills, machines, etc..
The only difference now is that the internet has made these scams a lot more accessible to everybody. Noweverybodyhas the privilege of being scammed.
Im no different than most people. Just like most people, I am a little uncomfortable about my weight, figure,
health, etc. An just like most people Im always looking for a solution.
I have spent the last 5 years on all kinds of diets, in and out of gyms, buying home gym equipment, hiring a trainer, etc.
No matter what I really did,I just couldnt keep the weight off on a consistent basis. Its a fairly common story.
I had a hard time finding something that would work in the long run. There would always be temporary passages where I looked pretty good, if I do say so myself, but the constant diet and exercise just gets to be too much. I wanted some flexibility.
Also, after a while you just get sick of going to the gym, and when you are out of shape, you feel embarrassed to go to the gym, because everyone else is in shape.
My goal was just to look good, have an attractive body and be healthy. No more or no less. I didnt want to look like a bodybuilder or anything like that. I just wanted to look tone and healthy.
I tried a LOT of everything
Im not being over dramatic when I say A LOT. Im sure you know people like me. Up and down diets, buying the latest trendiest exercise equipment, etc..I have bought more useless garbage than Id care to admit.
Id list everything that Ive bought but truthfully, I think that Ive forgotten more of them than I can remember (I told you I bought A LOT).
I would say that probably 75% of what I bought were a complete waste of the time. The other 25% consisted of products that worked temporarily, but couldnt show me long term results.
I was utterly frustrated with the kind of results that I was getting. How could I not be? Not only did I end up looking the same after trying all these different products, but I ended up paying an arm and a leg just for the privilege.
I think what made it even more frustrating was the fact I kept seeing people on TV saying that they tried (insert product name) and it worked really well for them. I kept feeling as if there was something wrong with my DNA.
Why would it work for these people but not for me?
I would talk about this with my friend James, who was also somebody who was struggling with his weight. We would try new products or diets and report back to one another and talk about whether they worked or not.
So, basically he was in the same boat as I was.
But for me, I had enough, and I told James that. I told him that I was sick and tired of wasting money on all this garbage. He could tell that I was just fed up with the whole thing.
He didnt blame me for it. But he was naturally a more optimistic person than me. So, he told me that he was going to keep trying to find theholy grail. I told him that I think he was wasting his time but I wished him the best of luck anyway.
About A Month Later
It was about a little after a month since I called it quits. I had basically resigned to the idea of just trying to eat healthy and take an occasional walk, and whatever happens,happens.
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