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Claims to be "The Most Lucrative Get Paid Today Program On The Net"
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  • Pays Daily Member-To-Member
  • Brilliant Pay Plan
  • Qualified Members Earn A 100% Commission When They Make a Pacckage Sale
  • Five Product Packages (Different Prizes)
  • Each Package Gives You 100+ Digital Products With Master Resell Rights
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Review on EZWealthSolution

EZ Wealth Solution A Scam???

So what would be your definition of scam? For me "scam" is a fraudulent program that implies people being deceived, manipulated and exploited on purpose.

None of this is true for EZ Wealth Solution. Nobody is being cheated here, you will never hear a word of complaint by someone who is a member and works it!

On EZ Wealth Solution all money goes directly fom members to members, the company only earns from the very low monthly member fee of 10$.

It is all very transparent, nobody is talked into something they do not want, nobody is forced to believe them and wait forever if what they promiss will eventually happen. Here, everything happens exactly how they say. And "they" (the fellow members) pay immediately what they owe you according to the pay plan.

If you do not decide otherwise you can stay with your monthly fee of 10$ and pay a ONETIME 47$ to another member, and that's it. You will be paid forever each time you signup someone new. That's not really exploitation, is it?

Sure, it is sort of a pyramid system, and as such is doomed to fade out one day because of market saturation, but until then (which will be a long way to go!) everybody is very happy with this program! I am sorry for everybody who does not enjoy the benefits of it.

Here are some more points to consider:

#1: The Product

EZ Wealth Solution CEO, Ron Walsh, makes it very clear that resellers make money selling a product: Digital Software.

Is the product worth the membership? Well their $47 package that you get for free gives you 100 digital products with master resell rights too. Now let's suppose each software was only valued at $1.00 each ($1x100) that would make the whole package worth $100! And you'd be getting them for free...

You get 100% resale rights to 100's of Ebooks, you might have heard of the Kindle, these Ebooks can make you a fortune and that's not even what the company brags about.

#2 The Pay Plan

The unique thing about level #1 is they have this pay it forward system in place. Lets say you decided to join the program at level #1. You would only have to pay a $10 administration fees which is lower then other similar programs. In turn your sponsor will pay your way into level #1, hence the term pay it forward. Your sponsor will only do this if you agree to pay it forward for the next person you sponsor into the business. In a sense you don't pay for level #1 until you find someone else to sponsor.

After you pay someone's way into level #1, the next person you sponsor will belong to you. You will be paid once your new referral finds someone else to join into the program and pays it forward for them. As you can see you only have to pay someone's way into the program once. (The rest of the 4 levels have a 2-up pay structure that does not incorporate the pay it forward system.)

The 100% the company brags about is that you KEEP 100% of the commissions! You DO NOT share the commissions with the company, all they ask for is a measly $10.00 a month for 2 websites and a virtual arsenal of advertising information FREE, business cards FREE, Adtraxers FREE, Banners FREE...

#3 No Pressure

Now people come in at Levels 2, 3, 4 & 5 all the time it's all at whatever pace YOU want it to be and what you can afford, they never ever pressure you to pay into what you can't afford and actually discourage you from overstepping your means.

Oh here's another tip..once you pay on one level, you NEVER EVER have to pay into it EVER again. You see people who say this is a scam are this... either uneducated or extremely jealous because Ron Walsh has actually taken the power of the internet, and combined it with the power of people worldwide and an ingenious payplan!

It's not MLM and that's what makes people who may be trying to build the standard MLM business so mad!

#4 How "EZ" (Easy) Is It To Make Money?

EZ Wealth Solution is like any other online income opportunity. You must promote it to make money with it.

This concept is truly unique and one benefit of being a member of EZ Wealth Solution is having the ability to offer people the opportunity to join the program at a cost of just $10 in administration fees, since you are agreeing to pay their way into the first level of the program. This makes finding people to join rather easy.

#5 How long has it been around?

The program has been open since 2007. It's now September 2010 and EZ Wealth Solution is still live and they still use the same domain name they've always used.

The point is simple. Ponzis or scams don't last that long. A ponzi or scam program will also shut their doors and find a new domain name once people get the word of the scam or, they simply will shut their doors forever. This has never been the case with EZ Wealth Solution.

Conclusion: Take the Free Tour and see for yourself!

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