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by Sofyan H. Online Marketer
What Is PTC, after all? first things first! PTC is an acronym that means - Pay to Click or Paid to Click. What this means is that someone gets paid to click something on the internet.
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What Is PTC, after all?
first things first! PTC is an acronym that means - Pay to Click or Paid to Click. What this means is that someone gets paid to click something on the internet. With the burst of the Dot Com bubble in the late 90s, everyone wanted to have a website. Now after all this, it was - who will visit the sites? SEO was quite unknown during those days and mostly was done on the Meta Tags. Site Visibility using search engine was quite remote as the people those days were neither that Search Engine Friendly nor were willing to go by the new names.
They preferred to stick with the sites that they knew.

So the new websites that were getting created thought of something that would help them gain visibility for their sites and PTC was born. But who would click or view their sites without money getting involved? Hence money was brought into the big picture.

Today, people have also found out another way to get their site displayed to some people using click exchange programs but that is not the part of discussion here.

Who Joins the PTC?
There are thousands of people who join the PTC sites and hope to make an earning from these sites. Generally the following sets of people join the PTCs -
a. Housewives
b. Students
c. Working People
d. Retired People
e. Others
How Do the PTCs Work?
The business of PTC is similar to the other businesses. They have income and expenses.
Earnings -
The income of the sites comes through two channels -
a. The websites that they advertise
b. The people who register with them as so called Premium members.

Expenses -
The PTC sites that are legal have the following expenses -
a. Payment to the people who view and click their displayed ads which is the bulk expense
b. Setting up the Website and investing in the initial advertisements of their sites

For Members
For the Members of the PTC site, these offer prices per click. The members are to view a set of advertisements for a pre-specified time mostly 30 seconds to 60 seconds and they are paid $0.001 to $1.00 per click. This depends on the pre-decided amount. The payments to the members are made after they reach a minimum payout limit via different modes - Online Money Transfers, Online Agencies, Cheque and various other methods.

Best Regards :) sofyan hadi...

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Rhine Stonne Advanced  Web Master
Do they actually pay?
Sep 29th 2011 05:03   
Sofyan H. Advanced   Online Marketer
Yes friend... :) They Paid Me many Times Already..see my Proof There.. :)
Sep 29th 2011 05:07   
Rashid Mehmood Senior   Internetmaker, Article Writer
well dear its really pay may times. its trusted site for any one who want to earn easily
Sep 29th 2011 06:21   
Chris Holroyd Magnate I   Internet Entpreneur
Great Info, and fan of PTC.
Sep 29th 2011 09:24   
Sofyan H. Advanced   Online Marketer
@Chris :) Thanks Sir... Because i don't have Much Capital To Join Many Paid Program.... :D so currently i am to pursue this so I can get capital, and Then can joined Any paid program:)
Sep 29th 2011 09:46   
Chris Holroyd Magnate I   Internet Entpreneur
i would at least join for the free 7 day bootcamp and even free webinar check it out, Here is the link for the 14 day trial is still available, you can use this to promote all your business online and off, there is so much training and videos here that you go through step by step, teaching you lots of different things, facebook, ezines, email etc.
Sep 29th 2011 09:55   
Sofyan H. Advanced   Online Marketer
Ok Boss. . . ) Thanks for Info..., i'll try it now...
Sep 29th 2011 10:11   
Sofyan H. Advanced   Online Marketer
@Chris,..Btw i was joined on many program under you :) but i'hve no knowlegde to get started there..., maybe i'll I ask for your willingness to teach me: D
Sep 29th 2011 10:14   
Chris Holroyd Magnate I   Internet Entpreneur
Yes sure let me know what and where you need my assistance

Sep 29th 2011 19:08   
faii acy Magnate II   GPT Site Owner/Operator
There is money to be made from PTC. You need to learn how to tell the good ones from the bad. In general....the better (high paying) a PTC site is, the worst it really is. Avoid those PTC sites offering $.10 to $1.00 per ad, because they will never pay you. Look for PTC sites with a low ($1-$2) minimum payout, ad values of $0.01 or less and never EVER spend a penny of your own money.
Sep 30th 2011 01:14   
Anna Lombardini Senior   Consultant
Great article, thank you for information.
Sep 30th 2011 12:09   
Sofyan H. Advanced   Online Marketer
@anna, Thank :) feel free to visit link above to start earning for free. . . :D good luck...
Oct 1st 2011 15:39   
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