Earn $400 weekly And Commissions

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Earn weekly up to $400 and extra referral commissions and 100% legit and will earn money
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This is first online weekly revenue sharing programe this is USA based company promoted by former world bank director Andrea Lucas see your leaders about us in Club-Asteria.
If you are not yet registered in Club Asteria, this is the right time to do it. Now please complete below steps to start your earnings.

Step 1: First create a gmail id and Create account in "AlertPay"with your gmail ID to send and receive Payments from Club Asteria. Click Sign Up Now button, select Personal starter account and submit your details.

Step 2: Click on Club Asteria Submit your details and then click on CLICK HERE TO JOIN button to Access Your Account.

Step 3: Login to your Club Asteria account and update your profile with your details. Upload any of your photo.

Step 4: Submit your "AlertPay"Account with club asteria in your Account Overview, so that you get paid the money to your e-currency accounts.

Step 5: Click on the News section and read all the News items until it is stopped Flashing. Once in a week don't forget to see the news section for updates, as viewing the news will intimate your active state in club asteria.

Step 6: Upgrade your Account to Silver or Gold Membership to get paid Commissions every week.

You need to pay $20 or RS.1000/- (For GOLD Membership of CLUB-ASTERIA) every month. But because of the Revenue Sharing every week, your Revenue will cross the GOLD membership fee of $20 with in 6 months! It means, you will get Revenue of more than $20 from 7th month! The Revenue will increase every week! And you will earn $400 every week after 18th month. To see the Earning Estimation Chart click below link Remember, these earnings are with out referring anyone.

Click on the below link to see Spread Sheet clear EARNINGS Chart;output=html

Join Club Asteria using below link under me so that I could help you and guide you how to earn money

You can contact me at

For more information or assistance, please dont hesitate to call me.

Wishing you good luck,

Your Name Tom


If you want I will show my payment proof and it is legit and paying site and no other site provides such an easy income so join it now and start earning money

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Earn $400 per week, Online Residual Income for life. Join with me @ http://www.

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R. Weatherly Magnate I   Business Professional
You can earn upto $300 - $400 per week huh, this is good passive income.
Mar 31st 2011 08:01   
Tom Joseph Advanced   blogger,social media manager member,adsense specia
Yes friend but will take 18 months to reach it according to normal and if you work hard you can earn $400 weekly within 7-8 months and you get referrals commission along with it suppose you have 10 referrals you earn $90 per month and this $400 weekly that is a great income opportunity here and join under me and I can guide you to earn money
Mar 31st 2011 22:13   
Laszlo Bicsak Innovator   Independent Carbon Trader (VCC)
Hi. How did you sign up in Club Asteria? Via my referral link? I'm asking you because I don't have you in my referral list. On your website who appears to be the one who referred you to Club Asteria?
Apr 16th 2011 04:19   
Laszlo Bicsak Innovator   Independent Carbon Trader (VCC)
EliteAlliance offers its Members four types of Investment Contracts from short-term to middle-term with fixed rates of return:

1) Weekly Fixed
Duration: 7 calendar days
Rate of Interest: 11%
Principal Return: Upon Maturity

2) BiWeekly Fixed
Duration: 14 calendar days
Rate of Interest: 25%
Principal Return: Upon Maturity

3) Monthly Fixed
Duration: 1 month
Rate of Interest: 60%
Principal Return: Upon Maturity

4) BiMonthly Fixed
Duration: 2 months
Rate of Interest: 160%
Principal Return: Upon Maturity

Here is an example of $100.00 invested in the Weekly Fixed plan:
$100.00 x 11% = $11 Profit PLUS $100 Principal = $111 return after 7 Days

Here is an example of $100.00 invested in the BiWeekly Fixed plan:
$100.00 x 25% = $25 Profit PLUS $100 Principal = $125 return after 14 Days

Here is an example of $100.00 invested in the Monthly Fixed plan:
$100.00 x 60% = $60 Profit PLUS $100 Principal = $160 return after 1 Month

Here is an example of $100.00 invested in the BiMonthly Fixed plan:
$100.00 x 160% = $160 Profit PLUS $100 Principal = $260 return after 2 Months

Apr 16th 2011 04:23   
Tom Joseph Advanced   blogger,social media manager member,adsense specia

We can earn $400 per week and if we get referrals then their commissions and if we upgrade to ND we get that commissions also along this $400 per week and join under me and I will guide you help you
Apr 16th 2011 23:52   
Tom Joseph Advanced   blogger,social media manager member,adsense specia

Bicsak Laszlo
I did not join under you and I joined under another person
Apr 16th 2011 23:53   
Laszlo Bicsak Innovator   Independent Carbon Trader (VCC)
News & Updates
Posted Apr 15th, 2011

Dear Business Partners,

I'm going to try keep this update short and straight and explain everything to the best of my ability.

First of all, I would like to say a few words on behalf of Leon Reiter, whose sincere efforts make Elite Alliance a safe and reliable source for a passive second income...

Leon apologizes for not coming this Friday to update EA Members personally, but he WANTS Everyone to know that soon we all will see a big shift towards a better and a safer program and here are some of the most important upcoming events for April:

1. The long-awaited Interview by Leon Reiter will be aired somewhere in the middle of next week (+/- 20th) - this is a promise from Leon. Everyone, of course, will be informed a day or two before it is scheduled to air. This will be approximately a 30-minute comprehensive session where almost, if not all of the questions will be answered and concerns will be addressed.

2. Our helpdesk software will be completely setup in about 3 to 5 days. A special update will be published on how to use it for both signed in, and non-signed in users.

3. The Open Poll link will be removed from the Back Office, the final calculations completed and a report will be published regarding the accessibility of the Private Forum. Right after that we will update the forum software ( from phpBB to IPB for security purposes ) and create special user groups, allowing each group to view the appropriate content of the forums.

4. Together with his accountant, Leon is preparing a whole set of reports on the investment activity of Elite Group. These reports will appear as PDF documents and provide you an excellent picture of how everything works... Stay tuned and you will learn a lot more in the Interview.

5. We are going to make some modifications in order to simplify the process of logging in to the Back Office and the Private Forum. Thus, the Members of Elite Alliance will not have to enter their Invitation Code each time they log in. Instead, they will only have to enter one username/password combination for both the Site and the Forum.

6. We will have to disable cross-processor deposits/withdrawals to prevent money laundering, and beginning next week, Members depositing from AlertPay will only be able to withdraw to AlertPay, from LR to LR, etc. Using two or more processors, of course, will still be allowed, but withdrawing funds to a processor different to the one you used for depositing will be prohibited.

7. Finally, we do understand that currently our support is not the best around, but we are working on it and will do our best to have our new multilanguage Support Team formed by the end of next week.

In the end, what I personally would like to say from the bottom of my heart is that I understand people who cannot log in or do not receive their activation emails - it is bothering when there is no quick support in such situations, but what amazes me is when people are too much nervous, especially when they are well in profit and still making money. We are working hard here at our end, very hard... Again, we understand that the lack of communication is our main problem at this time and are working to build a top notch support team, but we have to generate profits in the first place, unlike greedy HYIP admins, and Time is the priceless possession.

You can trust me, Leon is working hard to straighten things out as it really takes titanic efforts to do half of the things he does and when I last spoke to Leon, he was all tired and worn-out... You know, sleeping 4-5 hours a night is not good at all, especially when you have so many important things to do the very next day after.

Please remember that we are not forcing anyone to join the club and/or invest, you can always take your initial deposit back and cancel the account. There are always tons of HYIP programs nearby to put your hard earned cash into and loose it all. But if you want to be on the safe side, you're welcome to stay with Elite Alliance for the long term - we are gradually becoming an absolutely private club!

Thank you for your support, dear Members! We are a one huge family and together we will grow and prosper!

Take care and best regards,
Alex Reiter
Elite Group
Apr 17th 2011 01:29   
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