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We believe that every modern school should teach the newest technologies, new possibilities and show how we all can benefit from them. And this is exactly why we created DagUniversity.
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  • learning
  • earning while you learn
  • rewards for completion of projects
  • relevant financial education
  • access to DagCoins
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Review on DagCOIN

Dagcoin is a unique new cryptocurrency that moves digital tokens away from the blockchain for faster speed and better scalability.

What is Dagcoin?
Dagcoin is a cryptocurrency that offers a new type of blockchain technology. With Dagcoin, data is stored and organized using a Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) system instead of blockchain technology. This allows all users to secure one anothers data by referencing earlier data units created by other users (similar to blockchain). However, it also removes scalability limits commonly encountered on blockchains like blocksize issues.

What does that mean for users? It means Dagcoin is 300 times faster than bitcoin and has 30 times cheaper transaction fees.

A unique feature of Dagcoin is that you can earn coins through educational programs. Dagcoin has an educational partner called DAG Corporation that rewards you with free Dagcoins in exchange for completing courses.

Benefits of Dagcoin
Dagcoin sees itself as a superior cryptocurrency with many important advantages over bitcoin.

Fast Transactions:
Blockchain transactions are taking more and more time to confirm. In contract, transactions on the DAG chain take less and less time as the network of users grows.

Low Transaction Fees:
Regular transactions have a small fixed fee regardless of the amount that is sent. More complex transactions like conditional payments have bigger transaction fees.

Open Source:
Both Dagcoin and the platform its built on, Byteball, are open source. The code is available for anybody to see and check.

The process of mining is old and requires tremendous amounts of computing power. As the website explains, that means huge electricity consumption. Therefore, Dagcoins are generated without physical mining.

Easy to Use:
Dagcoin emphasizes ease of use, regardless of your experience with cryptocurrencies or blockchain technology.


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