Cycle 2 Riches Is A SCAM

by Alan Santna Online Money Maker
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Cycle 2 Riches Is A Fully Planned Scammed!

Cycle 2 Riches is a well known program that is now officially a Scam based on the experience that me and my team members had with them and I will tell you why below. The first thing that you need to know that is not a normal type of Scam, this is a well planed full time scam ran by professional scammers who calls themselves Tim & Andy and more likely Andy only and Tim is just his imaginary friend made up just to gain a bit more of trust by bringing an unknown figure to his business and making that person the top owner.

A Little Background:

It turned out that the person that ran Millionairecycler, which is a total scam (one of the biggest in the latest years), still owns tens of thousands of dollars to its members and is now being sold for only $1500usd, is called Andy (no last name) the same one who runs Cycle 2 Riches, at least partially and the same scammy tactics used there is being duplicated on C2R.

So around two months ago I was contacted by an Indian guy telling me about this opportunity where they would have a system in place to give every member two referrals by using PIFs, he told me how big and successfull Millionairecycler was thanks to their PIF strategy and that the admin here wasnt the same. This system would be limited to only 894 founding members, if you count 2 members to each it would take an additional 1,700+ members just to fill the first promise something easily achievable but that would change later.

I was aware of MillionaireCycler and their scammy reputation and they guy called Andy but I was told by my upliner that he was just doing the programming and the full owner was Tim who would run the program as it should but that would also change later than the road.

Pre-Launch, Promises and Advertising Tactics:

At the beginning things were looking really good, first they promised to pay on a daily basis every few hours.
The compensation plan payout was twice as big as what it is now from level 2 forward.
We were supposed to get 2 re-entries when we cycled level 1 matrix, one under our upline and one under our downline which is actually a great idea.
We were supposed to get 2 PIF credits and the company would place those members in our downline.
We were supposed to be able to refer as many people as we could.
We were supposed to launch with 894 Founding Members
Plus another 100 features were promoted in pre-launch that Founding members would take full advantage off

All this would change big, big time in just a matter of few days / weeks.

Launch & Scam Plan starts to take form:

So much started to happened after Cycle 2 Riches officially Launched that I dont even know where to start, first of all was the compensation plan change in commissions, they claim that you can make hundreds of thousands of dollars with your one time purchase but I always tell my team members to focus on the first and second level matrix and not follow the entire deal because is simply impossible to achieve those level so focusing on building level 1 and cycling level 2 for $800 each cycle and $400 matching bonus on your referrals cycle is not bad but soon after few days the plan was cut in half and now even though it would take almost 100 members just to cycle level 2 once without the dual re-entry, they changed the payout from $800 to $400 and referral matching bonus from $400 to $200, so now it isnt worth much going through all the effort since the payout is a looot smaller.

- Compensation Plan -

The entire compensation plan now pays less than half and members are still not getting Dual Re-entries when they cycle, so they are loosing all the pontetial of an additional position on each cycle and helping to push their downline which is the main priority, that feature only came once everyone was already slowing down their advertising due to all the changes that were going on.

- Stats -

After Launch they added some stats to the backoffice showing the total number of members and total payout, it took me less than 1 minute to realize that they had only paid out less than 8% of all the money going in, so out of $200,000usd they got from thousands of members they had only paidout $18,000 at that time To no surprise to me or anyone the stats where removed because people started to ask questions.

- PIF Credits -

The main feature promoted by them was the 2 PIF credits that you get as a founder member and those members would be placed in your downline after launch, something that never happened. I am member ID #4 and still have only 1 PIF and they didnt place it, that was a direct referral that I got which deducted one of my PIF credits once they join (More on that later).

They decided to introduce a new type of Scam feature after launch, you can only have as many direct referrals as you have PIFs and if you get any additional referral they would cost you $49,95. What this means is this, if I get 2 referrals and run out of PIF the third one would cost

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