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by Andrey V. moneymaker.)
Weebly is a San Francisco, California based company that was founded in 2006 with the mission to help people put their information online quickly and easily. We now enable 3 million people to easily c
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  • Our website builder is the easiest you've ever experienced.Absolutely no technical skills required.
  • Your website is powered by our stable, reliable, cloud hosting infrastructure that's monitored by our team 24/7.
  • Youll have no problem finding the perfect look for your site that youll be proud to display to family, friends, & customers.
  • Our blogging engine uses the same drag & drop interface that makes Weebly amazing.
  • Our support team answers questions from customers around the clock.
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Weebly - a free online service for creating websites
This HTML knowledge is required.
The site can be placed on the Internet under the domain ""
Or create your own user domain.
To create a page using a set of widgets,
allow to create a valuable site for a short time.
Dragging and placing widgets on a page on the user's discretion.
Include elements such as:
- images,
- text blocks,
- maps Google Maps,
- YouTube videos,
- RSS aggregator

When adding new pages automatically created navigation menu.
Users can immediately start promoting your site, using the admin panel,
posting links to it on its services Tweeter and Facebook.
It is possible to view the site usage statistics.
For advanced users and greater flexibility
is also proposed the deployment of elements with arbitrary HTML-code.
the ability to edit templates,website design,or upload your own version.
Also has an opportunity to place advertisements on the pages,
displaying relevant theme created site advertising.
All the income from which goes to the user who created the site.

There is an opportunity to create yourself as a free account or pro
Cost weebly Pro:
* 6 month - $4.58/month (total $27.49)
* 1 year - $3.99/month (total $47.88)
* 2 years - $2.99/month (total $71.80)
Payment is made through Visa or payment system PayPal.
Benefits weebly Pro:
* Password-protected pages.
* The elimination or adjustment of corporate footer Weebly.
* Register up to 10 sites per account.
* 100 MB for downloading files.
* Audio player.
* Audio player.
* Embedded documents.
* Premium Support.

- You can password-protect not only the entire site, but a separate page.
This can be useful when creating a secret.
While something similar can be done when a new page:
Pages on the tab should click New Page,
And in the parameters indicate"Show in Navigation? No"
This page does not appear in the menu and go to it will be possible only on the direct link, if you put it in some place secretly.
- Footer service with a link to the home page-common practice in building sites.
Using this administration can attract new users, that can create a paid account.
And to promote its project in search engines like as Google or Yahoo.
- Also for pro users can check in on 10 sites in one account,
For users who have created a free account,can create only 2 sites.
Although, if you do not use Google AdSense,
You can create more free sites,creating several free mailboxes
This poses no problem.
- Limitation of space for files in 5 MB!
It is frivolous for the good site.
Although it is 100 MB for pro account just is not the ultimate dream.
But this is easily solved if you get services from other companies,engaged in providing hosting services.
- Do not quite understand the possibility of audio player only for pro members
Using HTML-code is possible to insert a player from another service.
Music tracks stored not on this site,but from special file storage.
Visitor activating the player would only listen to tracks on the site
- The Administration assures that users who sign up for a paid package
receive more attention and prompt technical support from weebly.
Queries such clients are placed in the first part of the waiting list.
And the money will be spent on expanding the functions of the service,
and to attract additional developers.

As there is an opportunity to place ads on your pages from Google Adsense.
Where you'll earn 50% of the ad.I think this is quite an acceptable percentage,
It is not necessary to update your account to weebly Pro.
With can also create a blog by which you can promote your site.
I note that for a more detailed review and adjustment functions
It is better to immediately view and read the tab support,where all the details described and shown. And there is a guide for beginners.

Summing up, I can say that in general the service is weebly
Easy to use and provides many tools for creating websites.
In addition,a small price will allow any user
in a short time to create your Web page or Web site
with good design and feature set.
But to be allowed the file space (for a free account) It's more of a symbolic dimension, and not practical.
Although it all depends on what and how much you're going to put on your site.

The absence of embedded audio player (according to developers)
should attract clients to use a paid account!
But this version we have already discussed earlier.
One of the nice features is the possibility of substituting its HTML-code.
This allows the use of widgets and other elements that provide other services.
It can be both attractive design audioplayer or a simple button to save your web page on social bookmarking.
I told only a small part of the function,which provides
Described in more detail all of the tab support.

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Lenore A. Moker Advanced   
I'm a pro Weebly user!! This is the easiest site builder out there today. :)
Jun 13th 2011 13:06   
Author G D Grace Advanced   5 times - Self Published Author G D Grace
You know, I signed up for Weebly last year. I've been on the site a few times before, and just recently. I am still familiarizing myself with how it works. I have a few blogs in circulation right now, and am looking for something better suited to my own vision as a writer. Weebly wasn't all that user friendly to me, but I seemed to get further and further each time I visit and play around with it. I thank you for having this resource available to up and comers like myself.

Respectfully yours,

Author & Producer G D Grace
Jun 13th 2011 14:58   
Chukwuekwu Okonta Professional   Forensic accountant
@shekna,i have account there happy my country denied access but now,with their new innovation i can ask or give permissions to others to manage my a/c.
Jun 13th 2011 18:26   
Lenore A. Moker Advanced   
@G D Grace - have you gone through their "help" section? The have video tutorials on how to create a blog, website, and use the elements.
Jun 13th 2011 21:39   
Andrey V. Advanced   moneymaker.)
@Lenore I also think that it is easy to use and affordable service to create a website .I would write more about, but RevPage there are limitations. :-)
@Nordichuks I created a month ago, 2 sites in weebly, so now they have me take a long time to market and search for interesting information. :-)

@Lenore, @Author G D Grace, @Nordichuks Thanks for your feedback .
Jun 14th 2011 02:30   
Chukwuekwu Okonta Professional   Forensic accountant
@sheksna,thank's good work.
Jun 14th 2011 02:53   
Janet G. Senior  Educator, Author, Artist
I'm also a weebly user. It's very easy to use. Wordpress is much more professional but for beginners weebly is good enough.
Jun 14th 2011 07:05   
Lenore A. Moker Advanced   
I completely agree, Janet.

Weebly is still rather new and over the past couple of years they've incorporated many significant changes. I believe they'll be in the running with WordPress.
Jun 14th 2011 09:40   
Mohann Krish Advanced   
I have a few pages there but didn't pursue them. After this elaborate info by Sheksna, I need to go and see what's new. Thank you, Sheksna.

By the way, it is well SEO-ed site and good original content gets picked by Google fast.
Jun 14th 2011 10:12   
Andrey V. Advanced   moneymaker.)
Yes, Janet, I read on the internet about weebly before create a website, it was advised for beginners.Thanks for the tip Mohann. I think I've got no bad for a start, now the site is 1,964,699 at Alexa.
Jun 14th 2011 11:29   
Author G D Grace Advanced   5 times - Self Published Author G D Grace
@ Lenore - No I haven't, but I will certainly educate myself. Thank you so much for the feedback. Hope you're having a terrific day.
Jun 14th 2011 11:51   
Philippe Moisan Magnate II   Tutorial videos, sci-fi writer
Catherine White had a weebly site, I don't know if she still uses it, I remember she liked it a lot.

I saw this RevPage in the Hot RevPages section, and since it was written by Andrey, I thought it was a good idea to help it move higher there. :)
Jun 14th 2011 11:56   
Andrey V. Advanced   moneymaker.)
Thank you for supporting Philippe!
Jun 14th 2011 12:07   
Philippe Moisan Magnate II   Tutorial videos, sci-fi writer
Always a pleasure, especially when it's someone as nice as you, Andrey :)
Jun 14th 2011 12:09   
Lenore A. Moker Advanced   
Anytime Glenn. If you have any questions, I'd be happy to help.
Jun 14th 2011 15:37   
Philippe Moisan Magnate II   Tutorial videos, sci-fi writer

You wrote this in a comment:

"is still rather new and over the past couple of years they've incorporated many significant changes"

I believed that "rather new" was last week in the online marketing world. :)

No offense meant.
Jun 14th 2011 16:10   
Lenore A. Moker Advanced   
LOL...very good point, Philippe and no offense taken.'

I was comparing it with Weebly's competitors, who've been in the market for quite some time. :)
Jun 14th 2011 17:35   
Ganesh Raja Senior   GM
I am a weebly user it is really best than others
Jun 15th 2011 00:01   
Cindy Bolley Magnate II Premium   HHCTB?
I love Weebly I have several sites there
I too am upgraded
I hate having ads at the bottom It is very inexpensive when you divide out the cost.

I will admit I was a bit over whelmed at first but this as in anything the more you play with it the easier it gets... and it was fun playing....
Have a design in mind FIRST! (gotta love it when it rhymes)

That was what made it easier for me to create the second one.

Jun 15th 2011 08:55   
ivan simeonov Tycoon I   marketer
start make money today
Dec 2nd 2014 19:28   
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