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Every political maneuver in the region prepared by America, Russia, Europe and the glow underneath cooled and eaten by Arabs and Israel is a wash dishes
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Politics .. the national art of the possible, or cook secret machinations? .

First: Amr Moussa and singer Shaaban
Egypt is one of the countries that were possessed specific gravity in the political environment of the Arab and international levels, and what happened in Egypt after the spring revolution "Tahrir Square", some called to benefit from the Egyptian experience and retained more conservatively, they are the only revolution that stepped down as head of its legal, it is now under the rule of the Egyptian judiciary, and this is what happened otherwise each revolutions of the Arab Spring, as Matt rulers evil dead, or have left the power the flight of humiliating, or accept displacement dissolve at least step down with something ..
But the joint Arab Spring Egypt that young people lost their leadership positions and articulated in the experience of elections, parliament, in favor of the Salafi Islamists, and this is very unexpected because the young people do not have the experience and not the money nor the logistical support of all parties to the loss-making at the time, including the government and the opposition.
So it was a bet the presidential election a second test of the ability of the Egyptian people "very civilized" to overcome the disappointment in the theft of the revolution and pay attention to the election of the President of the Egyptian nation represents the richness of Egyptian society nationally and nationally, religiously and politically .. etc. ..
Has been nominated both possessed the terms of the nomination, and was the Egyptian judiciary firm in the exclusion of candidates for professional reasons is very concerned at the lack of conditions for access to the presidential election and did not exclude Mr. Omar Suleiman, head of Almkhabert and former Vice-President Mubarak's recent technical errors, nor Mr. Brotherhood too, for reasons related to dual nationality and his mother "American - Egyptian:" and other purely technical reasons, which resulted in the existence of legal candidates in the race ..
It was Amr Moussa and Ahmed Shafik two candidates who belong to one degree or another to the former regime have not been .. "Ajtthathma" on the way! .. Iraq, as well as representatives of the Muslim Brotherhood and the current Nazarene .. etc..
Has deliberately Amr Moussa to take to the street and with popular singer "Shaban" .. but the funny thing is that the singer Shaaban and his son had were on opposite sides in support of nominees, "Shaaban champion Amr Moussa .. He said the famous song" I Love Amr Moussa and hate Israel . "the son was with Shaaban Ahmed Shafiq, and when it broadcast the results of the first round of the failure to obtain Amr Moussa percentage qualifying for the second phase .. Shaaban immediately went to apologize to his son and said, his voice will be in the next phase of Ahmed Shafiq
, And this is what he did when Amr Moussa stepped down from the presidential race field without fanfare, leaving the race according to the assets being ..... it is a lesson in harvesting politicians and the national art of the possible legal means .. as well as the silence of the other candidates when word of the supervisory committee.
Second: What happens in Iraq's political movement?
When any work is based correctly on the theoretical level and Almmarsata, will take place practical measures for the sustainability of the institutions Bansaybh and flexibility as well as legal ..
But what happened in Iraq politically, does not fall within the field of practice in light of the state of cultural civilization of assets and chapters in the governance dimensions of the three "legislative and executive and judicial" .. there is a crisis permanently associated with each breakthrough organizer and begin the establishment of the State of Iraqi institutions .. mostly in this drawbacks and challenges are the views of Arab, regional and international .. Unfortunately for him to be the player of the Iraqi political link and is the liaison officer for those entities directly or indirectly.
Iraqi political crisis persist between the opponents of the political process in Iraq has surpassed the concept of ijtihad and disagreement in opinion and reached advanced stages of "broken bone" .. did not hesitate to all politicians in the notarization of diverse weapons and throw all their cards on the table to play in order to bring down the other who is different! In my opinion, this represents a return to a narrow clan in the solution, and revenge is not worthy of the march of the new Iraq, nor Bassasth as a way to settle the problems.
Third, in the sense of resolving crises ..
No policy crisis without a solution, if the parties to the dispute agree on the existence of a platform for dialogue and openness and Almlasna together .. in a constitutional framework and civilized debate ..
After resolving the crisis, Prime Minister "Nuri al-Maliki," the current by the force gathered Maliki cracked front his opponents, and the failure of all meetings of the opposition to him, to the extent of this moment, their ability process to withdraw confidence from Maliki and his government .. became the talk now is timid retreat Parties Altsma to undermine Maliki personally, that is a mistake we pointed out to him in this edition, and we predicted that betting on the fall of al-Maliki personally is a waste of time and blood of Iraqis .. because the next is another result of the quotas and the son of the rally, which gave birth to al-Maliki and won a national consensus on the inauguration ..!
The problem does not stop at national switch Mach .. problem in changing the national strategy when the Iraqi political player, a Kurd and a Shiite and a Sunni .. etc.. Because the facts proved the failure of everyone in the "management of the opposition," in which the proper legal .. and proved that the Iraqi political immature to form a so-called "parliamentary opposition" or the formation of a shadow government, waiting for the opposition in which to win legitimate elections to be an alternative government that is not an alternative state .. ., and that is the death of the greatest fighters of politicians in Iraq, because they do not have a strategic horizon to build an Iraqi state.
And I can assure you that Iraq is the modern Iraqi state and federal consolidated democracy is the only true guarantee for all parties, including the Kurds ..lon dreams of humanity in the establishment of national states in nature .. pure dreams remain illegal but very difficult on the application in the foreseeable future, specifically why betting on political what is unknown to what is known and tangible, and why Enawq to prolong the political crisis?
Fourth: When burned revolutions spring dream humanitarian in countries with majority Arab, a so-called "Arab Spring" hardest dictatorships war or peaceful .. not due to the maturation of internal conditions of the revolution in those countries, it has alternated Hzawt maturity internally and externally to accomplish the task of ousting the past. . past but remained clinging to cling to the present .. therefore become imperative for the spring burn seasons ..
But year and do not want to leave the Arab straightened .. there subsisted slow time and invalidate the pendulum new .. and there are remnants of the remnants of darkness, and not leave the minds .. there is hope for the seat holders yesterday .. perhaps grope his return, thinking or reality in the agendas.

Fifth: Mam Jalal mayor or president of a party!?
There are in Iraq, Prime turned into a "Mukhtar party" rather than to be president Iraqis of all .. we see racing with racers in the quest to get Mkedzabat political factional belong to certain groups without considering the horizon and the national leadership of the political dialogue Iraqi to get to safety ..sama and that our president "Mam beauty" does not have a lot of powers under the regime Ministerial but it is moving strongly background partisanship and nationalism, So became unfortunately, a model immature in the management of the government crisis with the Kurdistan region and some of the Iraqi lists .. This is surprising, very president who was "gentleman "solutions in a lot of political issues!
We do not want to "Mam Jalal" to be selected "for a party," but rather should be a national symbol, postpones national title and as long as the party is at the helm of the presidency of Iraq .. no behooves the president to be a cook or a witness to the political machinations of narrow ..
Politics Ya Mam Jalal "and you know it" is the art of getting possible .. and it is now possible is Iraq, not the National Party and healthy .. Iraq unified democratic federal LED is first of all Iraqis .. or you have another opinion!?

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