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by Philippe Moisan Tutorial videos, writing
In many Traffic Exchanges where you win credits or points by surfing. When the waiting is done, you choose the right object, word or number, and on you go to the next splash page.
Recommended Features
  • What if you could choose the next page ?
  • Even better, you have 3 choices
  • These choices are ads with a headline and 2 additional lines of text
  • If it's another member surfing, one of the ads could have been written by you
  • Conclusion : write an effective ad and you'll get more visitors
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Review on Choose the next splash page

Ok. You see me coming, right ?

Yes, I'm talking about a TE, a Traffic Exchange.

I've started surfing on TEs a few weeks ago. It is boring. Some splash pages do get my attention, or give me good ideas. But the level of concentration has to stay high, so as to click on the right object, word, number, or color when the timer is done.

In some cases, you don't see the timer, so you don't know when it will be over. Granted, it never takes very long. Still, it bothers me.

On some TEs, the timer is a tiny number, right beside a banner. Ok, but could be better.

The objects are not always easy to distinguish. I guess they want to play tricks with cheaters, these people that don't care about any splash page, they just want to click a few hundred times a day to not have to buy credits. I don't have time to surf hundreds of sites a day, especially since I surf on a few TEs. And to see the same pages over and over, it gets on my nerves.

Not to mention the place where you click to continue surfing is sometimes at the top, the rest of the time at the bottom.

Time for something different.

With the TE I'm promoting here, when the delay is over, you get 3 ads you can choose from. They are always at the top.

It can be one of your own ads. Write good ones and you will get traffic to your sites. 5 of your sites if you choose to be a free member, more if you upgrade, with interesting upgrade options.

If 1 or 2 of the ads are for programs you don't like or trust, and you don't know the 3rd one, good ! You will see something new.

The timer lasts only 10 seconds.

You won't need glasses to see it. It's a big red number.

They chose a simple way to avoid cheating. At random, instead of a splash page, you see a page with a warning : choose the right code among 5 or 6 options to continue surfing. And they warn that they monitor the time it takes to click on the code. I don't mind that. Especially since that warning appears immediately, you don't have to wait 3 or 4 seconds for it to appear.

You have to surf every day to get traffic that same day. Not a problem. I surf throughout the day, whenever I'm waiting for something, cause I surf on my iPhone. All I have to do is use the 2-finger trick to click on the ad I choose so as not to miss it.

You get 100 points for the 1st 25 sites you surf, then 200 points for the next 25, up to 500. It takes only a few minutes to surf 25 sites. Make the calculation, 10 seconds is 6 times a minute, given a few seconds to go from page to page. It will take between 5 and 7 minutes to do it.

Come and join me. You'll be glad you did !

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Ruediger Schaefer Schaefer Advanced  mr
TrafficAdBar (TAB) is very nice, I'm a member of it, too. Bringing me good results, especially when I promote a certain page that gives away free traffic. This last page mentioned built me a list of over 60 subscribers in a short time. So I'll have the chance to introduce APSense to them. Btw: TAB is part of my downline builder, beneath some other TEs. Anyone who joins the downline builder can update it with his oder her's TE usernames and than promote only 1 Url. This gives the chance to get you referrals who's surfing gets you credits so that you must surf less over time.

Hhhhhmmmm, hoping this comment will not be considered to be spam!?
Nov 26th 2010 02:02   
Philippe Moisan Magnate II   Tutorial videos, writing
Check with the admins to make sure, I don't think so, you give information about how to use TAB more effectively, and you don't name the other site, anyone who wants to know more will send you a PM, or request you send one to them. Please send me a PM about your downline builder. Going to bed now, 2am
Nov 26th 2010 02:06   
Ruediger Schaefer Schaefer Advanced  mr
Good night and sweet dreams, Phillipe. Maybe there will be some good lookin girls in your dream? LOL
Nov 26th 2010 02:11   
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