Bios Life Slim ~ Fight Diabetes

by Sonya Withrow heal.learn.buildmakeLIFEbettertoday
It is NOT a diet! Bios Life Slim is a fat burning product; containing natural, proprietary ingredients, it helps your body naturally regulate the amount of fat stored.
Recommended Features
  • Diabetes Management, Prevention, stabilize sugars
  • Cholesterol, lower bad, raise good
  • Weight Loss, self image, portion control, fat loss,
  • Regulates Bowels, Irratiable Bowel Syndrome
  • Heartburn,
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Review on Bios Life Slim ~ Fight Diabetes

Living with Diabetes is comes down to acceptance and learning to understand your body. Diabetes is a guessing game on what your body really needs. Depends how much insulin your body produces; if any and then once it produces the insulin has it produced enough and did it release the insulin at the time your body needed it. I was diagnosed as a borderline Type II Diabetic when I was 15. Once I got a little older and wasn't as active I was forced to start taking medicines to control the glucose levels.
There is no such thing as being perfect when managing diabetes. All the food we eat either is high in fat, sugar/carbs. That is why so many of us with diabetes have such a difficult time with losing weight. If we eat something low in fat more than likely it is high in sugar/carbs. With Bios Life Slim it helps control the extreme highs and lows and I know longer have cloudy eyes in the morning.
Diabetes is very prominent in my family. My mom and her twin brother have Type II. I have two sisters with Type II, one sister that is borderline, a niece with Type I, a niece with Type II, and two cousins with Type II. Losing the weight with Slim did help and is the biggest contributor to my success, but it is not the cause of my diabetes. My pancreas still needs help creating insulin. However, with the help of Bios Life Slim I was able to remove Actos entirely and I only need 5mg of Glypizide 2x Daily. My last A1C was 5.9!
Bios Life Slim is more than what you would expect from the other things on the market. It helps you make better choices and allows you the flexibility to enjoy eating the foods you love without extreme guilt. Ask anyone, I am my worst critic! Slim is simple and easy. Some say nothing is easy, but if you commit yourself to drinking Slim 2x a day before meals you it will help you achieve your goals. I believe Diet is a 4-letter word. In fact, there is no such thing. Everything is ok in moderation. So many people focus on everything they eat that is bad for you rather than giving themselves credit for eating things that are good for them. The more bad foods your body receives the more of the bad foods your body wants. Slim makes you crave foods that are good for you. I have lost a total of 31 lbs and 29 I went from a size 16-18 to a 5-6. Of course it all depends on the brand. There is also proof that Slim is not all about weight loss. It is about Fat Loss. I weighed 142 when I graduated from high school and wore a size 10-12. I weigh 149 now and wear a 8-10. I cant believe the tag on my shirt when it says Small 6-8! I

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Smith Sti Innovator   Book Ticket Now
Good weight loose product.....but i suggest you that is it made from blue green algae which mostly effectvily to reduce your weight...
Sep 19th 2011 06:45   
Dillon Patterson Advanced  SEO
Blue green algae made good weight loose product,but can it manage diabetics.....
Sep 19th 2011 06:56   
Nick Nicolas Freshman  
weight loose with out dieating. I need some blue green algae product.
Sep 19th 2011 07:14   
maria Junior  
is it slim product
Sep 19th 2011 07:31   
Sonya Withrow Innovator   heal.learn.buildmakeLIFEbettertoday
I am not quite sure how green algae came into this conversation. Bios Life Slim does not contain Blue green algae. Bios Life Slim focuses on fat loss not weight loss. Slim works from the inside out burning fat off your heart, kidneys and liver. I weight more now than I did in High School but I wear a smaller size. Does this help?
Sep 20th 2011 04:51   
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