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  • This online earning site will help you how to earn money
  • This online earning site will help you how to earn money
  • This online earning site will help you how to earn money
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Online Forex Trading

Foreign Exchange, commonly referred to as Forex or FX in short, is the trading in currencies of various countries. Every country or union of countries has its own currency. The purchasing of one currency by selling another currency is achieved in Forex trading.

Foreign exchange trade is the biggest financial market in the world. The volume in terms of amount in Forex transactions, happening daily all over the world is 100 times more than what is executed in stocks in NYSE (New York Stock Exchange). It has been estimated that on an average trades amounting to USD 1.5 trillion are being completed daily in the global Forex market.

Learn Forex Trading

The Forex market with its higher volume of transactions done on a daily basis, provides exciting opportunities to the investors. But it equally carries inherent risk of potential loss. One should learn forex trading well before actually venturing into it.

The basic principle in the Forex market is that it deals with two currencies of different countries. One currency is bought against the selling of another currency. A single transaction in Forex is represented by means of two currencies as for example EURO/USD. In this notation it meant that Euro is bought against the sale of USD.

As in the stock exchange, there are two types of markets as spot and forward. The spot market, where the settlement is done immediately (in practice it is two banking days) has the largest volume of transactions. Two important Forex trade terminologies are spread and pips. Spread is defined as the difference between the selling rate (bid) and buying rate (ask) of a currency. A pip is the unit of small change a currency undergoes in the process of spread. The first thing a budding investor should do before entering the FX market is to thoroughly learn Forex trading.

Online Forex Trading

Online Forex Trading is the new evolution in line with online share trading. It enables the investor to deal in the market in real time directly through brokers or bankers. Whatever purchases or sales made, are done by the investing public themselves but are executed through a brokers trading platform.

The advent of computers, internet and communications medium has made it possible to achieve this. With the click of a mouse, your purchase or selling instruction is carried out. The internet plays a vital part in the whole process of online Forex Trading, uniting or bringing together people all over the world.

Interest in online Forex trading is rapidly exploding because of its transparency and potential for rapid profit. With more people entering this market on a daily basis, this form of trading appears be here to stay.
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XML and HTML Sitemaps For Your WordPress Site
Sitemaps are much-hyped and oft-misunderstood. Most people have heard they need a sitemap so Google will like their site but how to go about creating one?

Sitemaps are recommended for search engine optimization to help Google (and other search engines) discover all of the content on your site. They are especially helpful when your site is large or has a complex structure which might make it harder for Google to find all the pages on your site.

Sitemaps come in two flavours: XML and HTML

XML sitemaps are designed for search engine bots, not humans.
HTML sitemaps are more geared toward humans, but search engine bots can crawl them too.

How To Create An XML Sitemap

If you use the WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast, it has the capability to create an XML sitemap. If you are not using that plugin, or are an advanced user who needs even more fine-grained control than that which the Yoast plugin provides, I recommend BWP XML Sitemaps.

What To Do Next

An XML sitemap will not be linked from somewhere visible on your site. It will live on your server, at a url such as – the plugin will automatically place it on your server for you.
If you’re curious, this is what an XML Sitemap looks like:

But you do not need to place a link to it in your navigation. What you need to do is login to Google Webmaster Tools (and Bing Webmaster Tools if you have an account there) and submit your sitemap directly.

Inside Google Webmaster Tools, from the nav menu on the left, click on Optimization, then Sitemaps. You will see the Add/Test Sitemap button at the top right. Click that and then Submit Sitemap. Add the sitemap url your plugin generated for you. The sitemap will then update itself when you create new content and search engines will be notified. Mission accomplished.

HTML Sitemaps

Dubbed “HTML” sitemaps to distinguish from XML sitemaps, this is what most people think of when they think of a sitemap. A lot of websites will have a “Sitemap” link in their footer which will take you to their HTML sitemap. It’s basically just a list of links to every section of that website. It helps humans easily see and find all the content on a site, and helps search engines because they too can follow all those links to discover content.

Below is the Zappos HTML sitemap. You can see it’s a little easier on the eyes than the XML sitemap above.

How to Create an HTML Sitemap

In WordPress this is easy to do. The plugin I like the best so far is Kwayy HTML Sitemap
Simple Sitemap is another plugin you will see referenced a lot but the difference is that Kwayy HTML Sitemap includes custom post types and gives you a little more control over the output of the sitemap. Simple Sitemap is good if you only have posts and pages on your site (although custom post types are on their roadmap for the future).

After installing the plugin and adjusting any settings, all you do is create a Page on your site, title it “Sitemap” and add the plugin’s shortcode to the page. Place a link to this page in your navigation somewhere. The plugin will generate a list of links to all your content on that Sitemap page.

Do you need both?

If your site is large and complex then yes, do both. If not, I would just go with the XML sitemap. If your site is easily navigable, humans should be able to easily see and find all the content they need. This applies particularly to WordPress blogs since by placing Category and/or Archive widgets in your sidebar, you are basically providing a simple HTML sitemap to all the posts on your site. Remember a sitemap is just a simple list of links to all your content. If you have a lot of pages or custom post types in addition to posts, then it would be recommended to use a plugin to create an HTML sitemap for those.
Dec 27th 2016 03:28   
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