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by Philippe Moisan Tutorial videos, writing
Generosity, dedication to help others, discussing and sharing ideas, delightful sense of humor, inspired photographer, Katrina has all these strenghts.
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  • She's a Multi-Pure distributor, she's my sponsor there
  • The Grand Retirement Plan : she works hard in that program
  • She's happy that I use her pictures in my business
  • Look at her APSense Business Center
  • Kat and Laura Newton are a fantastic team !!!
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Review on APSense Members : Katrina Oakley

One RevPage is not enough to show how much I love Kat.

She deserves to be recognized as an awesome marketer. I hope what I will write here can help you see that.

I've known Kat for 3 months, i.e. when I signed up under her for Multi-Pure. I had seen hers and Laura Newton's efforts at promoting MP. When I realized how great MP is, and that Kat was sponsored by Laura, I made the wise choice to ask Laura to be in Kat's downline, knowing I would get the help of them both. :)

Back then, I thought Kat was 100 % dedicated to MP. She was writing articles and RevPages about it, after all.

My 2010 foolishness led us in a bit of trouble in our relationship. I've grown a bit since then. One of the bonuses was getting the chance to get involved in some of the other endeavors Kat is working on, like The Grand Retirement Plan.

In that program, by the way there's a group about it at APSense, she works hard at helping others find their own way to financial freedom. She works not just hard, but smart. She won't give you promises. She will recognize your efforts. Your name will appear in places where she promotes people.

Is she a successful marketer ? Well, to give you an idea, she got serious with Multi-Pure a few months ago. Since then, she has made, not trickles of money, but hundreds. Or is thousands ? All I can say is, if she tells me to do this for MP, I will. When I decide to get serious about it myself. I'm stubborn.

Kat does support my efforts wholeheartedly. Last week, she showed me something she had done, I showed her something I had written, one thing led to another, and next thing I knew, I was posting on her blog. I loved the experience so much that 2 hours later, the guest blogging group was born. There were a few details I wasn't comfortable with, she provided the required information.

Tonight, I showed her a promotional text I had written. Instead of stopping at giving a few suggestions here and there, she rewrote parts of it according to her own experience. We agreed I could do split tests to see if her approach or mine was better. She wasn't offended at all that I suggest that. To the contrary, she said she was curious to see the result. I am too. :)

I invite everyone to get to know Kat. You'll be glad you did.

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Colin Audie Senior   Offline & Online Consulting
Phillipe you have once again been humble enough to recognize others efforts. I hope we will write the same about you as you are just as humble and work hard to achieve.
Feb 4th 2011 02:54   
Chuck Bartok Professional   Veteran Entrepreneur now Sharing
Nice Page..and I have heard good things about Multi-Pure Water.
Feb 4th 2011 06:45   
Fred Mugone Magnate I   Health, Wellness, e-Business
Phillipe, I must say I am impressed with your very generous and humble nature. You are one of the few exceptional people at Apsense who actively go out their way to recognize, and in the process, promote others. I hope to be like you one day - the sooner, the better.
Feb 4th 2011 06:45   
Laura Newton Committed  The Water Filter Lady
Phil, you are such a great guy for recognizing Kat. She truly is a wonderful person and I am so happy to have her on my team. Kat has achieved alot in her short time because she is a wonderfully talented lady. I feel very honored to have her as a friend and fellow marketer. Kat has taught me alot and every day she teaches me something new. Thank you Kat for your friendship! I Love you girlfriend. Cant wait to meet you in Vegas in April!!!!
Feb 4th 2011 07:32   
Katrina O. Professional   Indiana Water Filters
Philippe, thank you for your kind words. I don't know what else to say! It will be great when you finally give MP the attention it deserves! ;)

Thank you as well Laura! I think we both learn from each other! It is great to work with you and MP!
Feb 4th 2011 07:39   
Corey Blackmur Committed   Blackmur Global
It has been a very short time that I have become aquainted with Kat; in that short time I have recognized her ability to definitely give more than receive.
Which by today's standards with most generation -y's of "what's in it for me" attitude, is a pleasant treat.

Of course neither Kat or myself are in the age group of the new generation-y. LOL
Kat you deserve the kudo's given you by Phillipe and the others that have commented here.
Feb 4th 2011 11:07   
Marcelino Alsup Junior   
Very informative. Keep up the great work! I think you going out of your way to help people is very admirable
Feb 4th 2011 11:15   
Philippe Moisan Magnate II   Tutorial videos, writing
Corey, keep writing awesome info in articles and comments, and you could be my next "victim" :)
Feb 4th 2011 11:44   
John Nelson Senior   Friends are more valuable than GOLD!
Katrina is a wonderful helpful member of apsense that does her best to help us less gifted.
Feb 4th 2011 14:04   
Selya Rollins Professional   Creative Imagery
I like this Philippe.
Just connected with Kat through photography, she takes beautiful pictures and shes willing to share her talents.
Feb 4th 2011 15:54   
Gautam Jain Advanced  Consultant
Thanks Phil for sharing such a talented person with all of us.. In real term Kat is very talented person and she is willing to help others in every respect.
Feb 4th 2011 22:11   
Edy Fahyuni Senior   Painter
Very informative. Keep up the great work! I think you going out of your way to help people is very admirable
Feb 5th 2011 05:39   
Paula van Dun Magnate II   Retired
Congrats Katrina. Well deserved attention
Feb 5th 2011 06:00   
Ken Tallman Senior   Pastor/Marketing Consultant
very well written Kat seems to be doing great work
Feb 5th 2011 06:31   
Avijit Kole Innovator  bca
Someone once said :
I like a teacher who gives you something to take home to think about besides homework.
And my teacher gives me a lot of things to take home.
Thankyou Teacher
Feb 5th 2011 07:06   
Edna Harris Freshman   Human Services Consultant
It's a Nice article about Katrina Oakley And about the Multi pure diatributor business shae is working hard at.
Feb 5th 2011 12:14   
Plamen Penev Senior   seeker of new challenges
I like this page, I wish Karrina all the best and I think tofollow her
Feb 5th 2011 16:05   
Faraz Shaikh Senior   SEO, SEM, SMM
All excellent points and Thank you very much for sharing them.
Feb 5th 2011 16:05   
Jonathan Hayes Advanced   Multi level marketing
I love the way you've laid out your page. I also love your caring heart!
Feb 5th 2011 16:05   
Juliana Lawing Advanced   Event planner
Thank you Phillipe for your generous contribution of ideas .........cheers. I hope I will learn from you and others in apsense.
Feb 5th 2011 16:05   
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