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Amega Global is a relatively new company that in a short time have brought to market truly breathtaking products in the self care and health & wellness industry with many more to follow.
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  • Instant results
  • Effective with no known side effects
  • Use on humans, animals and food
  • Non Invasive therapy
  • Global market
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Review on Amega Wand

The Amega Wand is a pen sized object made in Stainless Steel containing a patented formulation of crystals that deliver what is called Amized Fusion Technology. It extends and develops the discovery of what is now known as Zero Point Energy in the study of quantum physics. This is the original state we have from birth and is impacted on by the presence of EMF (Electro Magnetic Fields), x-rays, gamma radiation and harmful invisible forces that are emitted from space that we have protection from through our atmosphere. These distort the "normal" patterns as seen in Kirlian Photography of the body and cause some of the diseases we now have as 21st Century citizens such as headaches, fatigue and other associated trauma. Not only that but pain caused by the rigours of physical work that render our muscle joints and bones with rheumatism and arthritis can be dealt with by the Amega Wand too.

The Amega Wand, or Amwand restores our body to the homeostatic point that was present when we were born and is progressively impacted on through our lives as we work and survive it's various hardships as listed above. It may also be used to work on food to bring it back to an improved quality after purchase. The testing on the likes of a lemon or wine show the impact the Wand has on these products and the effects have to be experienced to be believed by a firsthand demonstration that will let you see it's power.

I found my present work as a home shopping delivery driver particularly hard on my shoulder, inducing what is known as the rotator cuff injury that is the result of heavy lifting and repeated use over time. The general wear and tear of doing 30+ hours per week did not endear itself to a painfree life. I have tried physiotherapeutic excercise to restore my muscle tissue along with rest as suggested by my doctor but found that to fail the immediate demand for painlesness. In a short time of using the Amega Wand to work on my shoulder it has brought back the power and painfree state that I had prior to working in this employment and am 100% pleased with the reasult of using it to great effect.

The outcome cannot be guaranteed to work on all users as it is also down to personal acceptance of the wands intrinsic power to "heal" which we cannot claim per se but only allude to in promoting it to the public at large. A personal demonstration will allow you to discover whether you are able to benefit from it's use and thus experience it in the future.

The self healing industry has surely found a remarkable tool that along with the many other products about to be launched over the coming months and years will undoubted place Amega Global at the forefront of the Health and Wellness market.

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This is the most amazing, incredible and miracle creating product I have ever used. I suffered from severe fibromyalgia, sciatica and spinal stenosis which made it difficult for stand or walk. Since using this wand the difference in my life is nothing short of miraculous.....
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