Amazing Alien Planets

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Amazing Alien Planets That Could Host Life
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Terraforming of a planet or moon is the hypothetical process of deliberately modifying its atmosphere, temperature, surface topography or ecology to be similar to the environment of Earth to make it habitable by Earth-like life

Habitability requirements
In its astrobiology roadmap NASA has defined the principal habitability criteria as "extended regions of liquid water, conditions favorable for the assembly of complex organic molecules, and energy sources to sustain metabolism"

Preliminary stages
Once conditions become more suitable for life of the introduced species, the importation of microbial life could begin. As conditions approach that of Earth, plant life could also be brought in. This would accelerate the production of oxygen, which theoretically would make the planet eventually able to support animal life

Biological Terraforming
Many proposals for planetary engineering involve the use of genetically engineered bacteria.
As synthetic biology matures over the coming decades it may become possible to build designer organisms from scratch that directly manufacture desired products efficiently.
The synthetic biology, scientists could genetically engineer humans, plants and bacteria to create Earth-like conditions on another planet.

Also known as the "worldhouse" concept, paraterraforming involves the construction of a habitable enclosure on a planet which encompasses most of the planet's usable area.[43] The enclosure would consist of a transparent roof held one or more kilometers above the surface, pressurized with a breathable atmosphere, and anchored with tension towers and cables at regular intervals.The worldhouse concept is similar to the concept of a domed habitat, but one which covers all (or most) of the planet

Adapting humans
It has also been suggested that instead of or in addition to terraforming a hostile environment humans might adapt to these places by the use of genetic engineering, biotechnology and cybernetic enhancements

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