African Mangoes

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African Mangoes
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African mangoes are the new miracle fruit on the market. They have been endorsed by Dr. Oz who is Oprahs personal doctor. Dr. Oz featured african mangoes on one of his shows and he raved about all of the health benefits that a person can get if taking the supplemental form every day as directed. The group that was mainly targeted in the African mango campaign on Dr. Ozs show were people struggling with weight problems. African mangoes have been studied for quite a while now and it has been proven that they assist in weight loss to a great degree. The most nutritious part of an African mango is the seeds that are located within the pit or core of the fruit itself. The rest of the african mango also is extremely healthy for the person consuming it, containing large amounts of fiber and protein.

The seeds though are packed with fiber, which aids in a multitude of health issues, including lowering cholesterol and weight loss. They do have some negative side effects which include headaches, dry mouth, flatulence, flu like symptoms and it has been reported that they cause sleep problems. These side effects do not necessarily affect everyone that consumes African mangoes or African mango diet supplements but there have been reported cases. There is not really a known place to buy the actual fruit but there are a multitude of places both online and physical locations that are selling African mango supplements to consumers. There is the official African Mango website and then various others to choose from. It would be best to shop around for the best price for the best quality. It is important to remember what the beneficial amount is to take for the consumer so they do not get cheated by buying pills containing lower quantities of the African mango.

If a person wants to just eat the fruit African mangoes can be prepared just as a regular mango is prepared. Slicing the mango in half is the first step and make sure to do it as close to the pit as possible. Then cut the halves into slices, after the African mango is cut into slices, use a paring knife to remove the skin from the fruit before consuming. The African mango can be used as a substitute in any recipes requiring regular mangoes. Whether enjoying just because or for the health benefits, it can be a good fruit to keep around, African mangoes.

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African Mangoes

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AJLA SPAHIC Professional   Director
- African Mango seed extract causes 28 lbs weight loss in 2.5 months? I don't
Sep 7th 2011 12:58   
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I haven't had any African mangoes, but I had some really nice mangoes when I was in Buffalo, NY in May of this year. I would like to try the African mangoes. Thanx for the tip.
Sep 7th 2011 13:48   
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african mango is good for health........
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