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Movie Poster Colors Over Time

This spectrograph-like image records tens of thousands of movie posters over the course of a century, showing a steady shift towards posters that emphasize black, purple, and blue color tones. It’s a neat look at how the color tastes of an entire industry shift over time.

Vijay Pandurangan had a disagreement with a friend about whether or not movie posters were becoming darker/bluer over time. Rather than simply agree to disagree, he whipped up a piece of code that downloaded and analyzed thousands of movie posters proving that, in fact, there was a slow and steady shift towards darker and bluer posters.

Hit up the link below to see the interactive version (and larger!) version of his infographic as well as his explanation of the process and the source code.

Colours In Movie Posters Since 1914 [via Flowing Data]

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