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Please dont get married ever

Please dont get married ever, and if you do watch it. I know that you will say that this a joke but honestly I believe that getting married is a bad idea. I do have a realationship and trully... Read More
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Plant Magic

Hi Are you interested in raising plants without the use of petroleum based chemicals? Do you know anyone at all who grows plants? If you do we want to hear from you! We are looking for... Read More
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MasterMind Group

A group dedicated to sharing and helping other members and each other. We focus on all aspects of our lives, from health to wealth and relationships. If you want TOTAL SUCCESS and a balanced... Read More
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Mother and Wife

This is for all mothers. Lets Talk about our worries, problems or just wanted to share about our home. Let us share our part of being a mother and a wife. A Lifestyle being a mother and a wife. Read More
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The Power of 10

Ben Franklin once said: "To succeed, jump as quickly at opportunities as you do at conclusions." I honestly found this program on accident. I figured, if its free, its for... Read More
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Win Netork

Free to join-Free to watch- Free to win! Build any business or sell any product with your own real time interactive network 24/7! Attend your first Free WIN event and start winning today!... Read More
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Second Life Community

Alternative Community in Virtual people. In Second life you can improve your imagination in business. Second Life Community is a 3-D virtual world entirely built and owned by its Residents.... Read More
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Add Contacts

This is a group for people that want to increase there contact list meet people.swap jokes and and post things about life in general. Read More
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I am confused

Hi Please can anyone give me information about the following two sites. I really do not know if it is me or if there are problems with these sites. All info would help. Go Freelance... Read More
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Downline Partners - Together Everyone Achieves More!

Introducing the FIRST and ONLY Referral Community in the world As a member you have your very own Forums that you can use to refer people! You can use ANY forum threads to refer people and... Read More
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