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E-Learning :: programming

Get an online tutorial on Java Programming, C/C++ plus lecture notes. Read More
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Early Childhood Education Online

Welcome to the new group - Early childhood education online Your opinion, thoughts, point of view regarding alternative educational methods, home learning or related problems will be appreciated. Read More
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Group 4 UMP.... Read More
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Your Best Buy store

Name brand cellphones and services for any and all use. Also software all New! ranging from programing, applications, teaching, to designing ect.... Login to :... Read More
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Hello, welcome to my new Group, "COUNSELING THE BIBLE'S WAY!" Even though, I am relatively new to APSense, and have written a few things, I was pondering on what I could contribute to... Read More
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Possitive Mind

To be grateful in life is one of our mission during all the episodes of our lives! Do you think so? And one supporting method is applying possitive mind. I think you know and even have read... Read More
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In a world which has lost its way, the Bible shows us the Way of salvation, and offers us direction and comfort. Bible study therefore must be a part of today's Christian lifestyle. We must open... Read More
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Autism Awareness

This is group for anyone who wants to learn about autism. Special invite to people who have autism sites. So Lets talk about autism and how it affects our lives. It has a huge impact financially.... Read More
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Learn Languages Online

For everyone who is interested in learning French or English with native and experienced teachers Read More
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What's next after graduation

Everyone is happy to graduate from college. But after graduation, graduates don't know what to do in order to adjust for their new stage in life. Many just don't know how to find their job and... Read More
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