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How to Get Your First 1000 YouTube Subscribers in 2021
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With this pandemic era, watching videos became a day by day habit all over the world!
So, this is time for you if you need generating your first 1000 subscribers or more on your YouTube channel. Today, I will show you 8 easy tips of doing that by putting your audience, rather than your desire to earn revenue, first.
In this video, I am going to guide you on the journey to 1,000 YouTube subscribers, but first, answer this question - why do you want 1,000 subscribers?
If your answer is because you want to monetize your YouTube channel, well, don't forget, you need 4,000 hours of Watch Time too. Don't forget that you also need to apply for the YouTube Partner Program and be accepted into it, because YouTube will be checking whether or not you're trying to buy subscribers or manipulate the metrics.
Here are the smart 8 Ways to Get your 1000 YouTube Subscribers
If it's because you want to monetize your YouTube channel, then you're not thinking about your audience. Can you see where I'm going with this? Let's kick off the 8 ways you can build those first 1000 subscribers.
#1 Put Your Audience, Rather Than Revenue, First
Now, if it's because 1,000 people represent a huge community that has put their faith and trust in your content to inspire and educate them, then you're on the right YouTube path..
If you have over 100 subscribers and you're working towards 1,000 subscribers, for the typical channel you've probably done a few dozen videos and you have some experience and an understanding, generally, of what your audience likes on your channel. So it's now time to solidify your value proposition.
#2 Define Your Value Proposition on YouTube
Let me give you a couple more made-up examples. Fortnite gaming channel. There are literally hundreds of thousands of these on YouTube already, so how do you describe your channel in a catchy, memorable way if you're a Fortnite gameplay channel? Well, it could be something along the lines of your channel is all about how to improve the gameplay performance of Fortnite or any other first-person shooter game. It gives your channel more focus, your audience knows exactly what your channel is about, and it's memorable.
#3 Double Down on YouTube Content that Works
I advise you to start researching your channel, even if it is the simplest trick in the book, which is to go to your video tab on your channel page and sort by the most popular videos. If there are any patterns in the top five or 10 videos that are telling you a certain type of content works, then make more of that content, whether it's about a particular topic or a video style.
Know more about your own channel and discover what works for your audience, and it's pretty simple, do more of it. If you drill down into that concept a little further, if you want more subscribers, then look at the videos on your channel that bring in the most subscribers and make more content based on those videos.
#4 Create an Engaging YouTube Channel Trailer
A channel trailer should essentially encapsulate that value proposition in a video of no more than 30 to 45 seconds. By all means, look at how successful creators have already used channel trailers to introduce themselves to an audience.
What you're generally going to discover with channel trailers is that you have 1,000 fantastic ideas, but you only need to put one of them in that video or else it's too long. With all that being said, there is an alternative to a dedicated channel trailer, and that is to use the video that converts most subscribers on your channel and use that as your channel trailer as it's already proven to work with your audience.
#5 Take YouTube SEO Seriously!
It's time to start taking search engine optimization, or SEO, seriously on the YouTube platform. After all, it is the second-largest search engine in the world, and most creators get their start on YouTube by having discoverable content through search. This means extensive keyword research into your topic to find out what people are searching for, including those keywords in the titles, but also, making those titles intriguing to click on.
As you might expect, keyword research is a huge learning topic in itself, so we've done a deep-dive into it with this video.
#6 Identify Your Pain Points Right Now
This next point is true for every single video creator no matter where they are in their YouTube journey, and that is that they have pain points that are preventing their progress. Now, that could be thumbnails that just aren't clickable or keyword research that doesn't match up to what people are searching for, or you're just absolutely terrible in front of the camera, which means that you have to retake every single shot 10 times.
#7 Stay Weird: Be an Innovative YouTube Creator
Do things that you wouldn't expect to normally do. 80% of the time you want to deliver content to your audience and create thumbnails that are consistent, but there's nothing wrong with experimentation because if you don't test new things, you'll never know if you discover a brand new niche or a certain thumbnail that defies all logic, but really appeals to a certain demographic who want to click on it because it's different to anything else on YouTube.
#8 Always Be Engaging with Your YouTube Fan Base
You are the core members of this community, the brothers and sisters of the vidIQ family, and you will have those same people who are not just subscribers, but super-fans. Those who already care deeply, not only about your content, but about you as a video creator, and they want to see you succeed, which is why you should engage with your community as much as you can in your videos.
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