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I have been marketing for a while now and also have been taken in by dishonest people, just trying to get you to join their business or paying for something and then it just disappears.

Instead of claiming to have made x amount of dollars with your business, it would be great if you could also add a link etc to show payment proof.

I am receiving regular payments at Pro Solutions Network, which is a text ad exchange with a difference. This is a great place to start and grow with the business.
Just refer 3 JV members and you are upgraded to SJV, plus get top positions in future programs and profit sharing. If you join now as a JV you will get a free 30 upgrade at sister site Pro Solutions Surf.

I want to help you get started, so I am giving $2.50 back to you when you upgrade to JV.
See more info here:

Payment proofs also available from this page.

Lets all work together and help each other.