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  • Bob Cater Senior   Health & Fitness Professional

    Heat Stroke Symptoms
    Summer is here! A little reminder... Heat Stroke Symptoms Include: -Nausea & vomitting -Headache -Dizziness or vertigo -Fatigue -Hot, flushe...
    dollyrockmusic  best thing to do is staying away from heat source itself. Examples are staying out in the sun for too long, heat rising temperature rooms such as saun...
    Sep 16th 04:03
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  • Burning Calories Freshman   

    An Overview Of Burning Calories
    Both gaining and losing weightare ironical to each other. One is simple to achieve and the other is quite difficult to accomplish. Increasing your ca...
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        Introducing our unique natural weight loss capsule – that keeps working all day long. Simply take two Ap...
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  • JM Freshman  

    Fitness and Sport
    Whether you are a serious athlete, play softball on the weekends or manage to squeeze in a workout here and there, give  your body the support it...
    JM  Sorry bad link, right one is : http;//
    May 9th 08:14
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  • Bob Riddell Advanced   

    Slimmin 6 Yoga Booty Ballet Power90 AbBuilders etc etc !
    Youve seen the infomercials day in and day out. Now you can literally have customers that call into our centers to purchase these high profile prod...
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  • Bob Cater Senior   Health & Fitness Professional

    Gentle Cleanse and Detox
    Dr. Miller's Holy Tea is a proven, proprietary formulation that has stood the test of time and has never been duplicated.  Cutting e...
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  • annas Advanced   

    5 Powerful And Free Weight Loss Tips
    plzzz check out my blogs and leave comments if u want to
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  • type.n.earn Innovator   

    Whey Protein
    Advanced Whey Protein is your first and best choice for high quality whey protein isolate. Our product generally reaches >90% concentration. The task ...
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  • Bob Cater Senior   Health & Fitness Professional

    Incredible New Product!
    This product and business opportunity is incredible and is about to explode in the Health & Wellness Industry. Did you know...The worlds most power...
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  • Bob Cater Senior   Health & Fitness Professional

    Train with a friend or group!
    Training with a friend or a group can motivate you when you would rather be on the couch and when your spirits are low. Make it a priority! Make...
    Sheryl   Hey Bob, Here I am again with my ideas! Allot of kids are overweight & do not get as much exercise as they should, so why not take your kids? I believ...
    Jul 18th 15:14
    Bob Cater  Hi Sheryl, Great idea Sheryl, and it doesn't have to be a workout...just active living as a family. I wrote a short article called "The Family H...
    Jul 18th 15:49
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  • Bob Cater Senior   Health & Fitness Professional

    Stay properly hydrated.
    Hi everyone! Did you know that the human body is 60-65% water? Water is an essential nutrient for survival; it is recommended that we consume 8 ...
    Sheryl   I live in Las Vegas where we have very dry hot days. I have switched over to sea salt & found that the water I drink is put to use rather than just si...
    Jul 18th 15:03
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  • Bob Cater Senior   Health & Fitness Professional

    Why Walk?
    Why Walk? Walk for your health...there's no doubt about it, walking is good for you. It's good for your heart, it's good for your lungs, it's good ...
    Bob Cater  Did you get your minimum 30 minutes activity each day on the weekend? What about today...have you made a plan for fitness in your schedule? What...
    Jul 2nd 10:36
    Sheryl   I have found that since fuel is so expensive here I have stopped driving as much as possible. Yes, the gas prices made me mad! I walk to the store unl...
    Jul 18th 14:51
    Bob Cater  Excellent Sheryl, Keep up the good work - a walk is good for the mind, the body, and the spirit. You're right, driving a block to go for a swim ...
    Jul 18th 15:03
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  • Bob Cater Senior   Health & Fitness Professional

    Choosing a Gym?
    Thinking about joining a gym? Many people are intimidated by the thought of going into a gym. Many of these same people have never set foot in a g...
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  • Not Here Committed  just want my account deleted

    You've never seen advice like this!
    Want to know how to stay in shape? You could always come and work at my family forest product business. Do you think that 10 hrs. a day of gruelin...
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  • Bob Cater Senior   Health & Fitness Professional

    Holiday Fit Tip
    Hello in "The Fitness Corner" ! For our group members celebrating the 4th of July holiday... here is a little tip to help you enjoy the holiday. ...
    Jeannette Noding  Hello Bob, Excellent tips, I try to drink a bottle of water before lunch and supper. I don't think this is good to do at breakfast. I look forward to ...
    Jul 4th 19:17
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  • Tim Henderson Advanced   

    Tim's FMB intro
    Thanks for the invite, I am a self proclaimed fitness guru with years of being a personal trainer,and on the US. Navy weight lifting team,way back i...
    Bob Cater  Welcome to "The Fitness Corner" Tim! It is great to have you with us, I look forward to your ongoing contribution to the group. Yours in good he...
    Jul 3rd 09:03
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  • Bob Cater Senior   Health & Fitness Professional

    Stay active this weekend!
    Get out and enjoy the weekend! Why not get out and walk or bike your local trails. Pack a healthy lunch and take the kids to the park for baseba...
    Tracy K.   You are so right...I can't wait to get out and get a walk in with the family and enjoy the weather. Thank you, Tracy
    Jun 29th 23:11
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  • Bob Cater Senior   Health & Fitness Professional

    Fit Tip
    Increasing your activity by just 15 minutes a day will: - increase energy - increase self-esteem - decrease anxiety and depression - decreas...
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  • Bob Cater Senior   Health & Fitness Professional

    Start your day right!
    Did you know.... Studies show that you get a 20% - 30% gain in mental function immediately following a strenuous workout. Research attributes this...
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  • Bob Cater Senior   Health & Fitness Professional

    Join Us!
    Hello APSense Community! Join us here in The Fitness Corner, where we will keep the conversation friendly and informative. Tell us about your fa...
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