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I started up Dollar wise in 2009.
Why because I wanted all my down line to avoid the pit falls I made.
So many sites I joined, their teaching was way over my head, when I emailed asking for support, no one replied.
This left me frustrated and annoyed. So I set about teaching my self and recording at Dollar Wise for future reference.
What I discovered.
Do not go spreading your wings to far. Jumping from one site to the next in search of quick dollars.
It never works. You only want to be promoting a few sites. building and earning.
How I avoid scams. I stick with the original sites. Never joining copy cat sites.

Example I promote my main site SFI. Then I send a welcome email to all new members to join my recommended sites listed at Dollar Wise. Making sure they join GDI to set up their own domain promoting and training down line at SFI.

I am using my credits at the traffic exchanges to their full potential. Killing many birds with one stone.

Before I join a new site I ask members to send my a payment proof of earnings to back up their claims.

There are way to many sites that have so much hype, taking all your money never to be seen again.

I was really thankful I had Dollar Wise set up. As after the Christchurch Earthquake in Feb 2011. I was left homeless and my business was destroyed.
After I had relocated and was able once again to log into the internet.
I was able to go to dollar wise. Check all my sites to see I had money waiting.

Now this is all I do full time. Surfing and earning.