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WARNING WARNING WARNING WARNING WARNINGI hired Ernest Oliphant the president of Warranty Custom Homes / Warranty Custom Homes Inc. and or Warranty Homes / Warranty Homes Inc.. Ernest Oliphant states that he is a builder, all that I can say at this time it was the biggest mistake of my life in hiring him.
Mr. Oliphant and Warranty Custom Homes Inc have filed for CHAPTER 7 BANKRUPTCY in San Antonio TX.  Ernest Russell Oliphant was awarded his bankruptcy and people he owed money to and had judgments/lawsuits against him lost money.
Mr. Oliphant is conducting business from his home in Floresville, Taxas and  is now residing we believe in Floresville since he lost his house at 255 Winding Meadow Ln, Spring Branch, Texas in the CHAPTER 7 BANKRUPTCY.

Ernest Russell Oliphant is in the Herald Zeitung paper on Page 8 May 25, 2010 - Comal County's Most Wanted list. Check the paper out.WARNING WARNING WARNING WARNING WARNING WARNING.