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APSense - Business Social Network: Tutos & Tips

To begin, I welcome you to this group dedicated to the APSense: Tutos & Tips "marketing", "recruting" and "sales" aspects of our consulting activities.

I know from my modest experience that, very often, these two words sound like big words for many freelancers who have been trained to DO what they do but not to PROMOTE what they do.

However, it seems that the main task of an entrepreneur is to know HOW to organize his business so that his promotional efforts bring him a steady flow of prospects and customers. Without this, all entrepreneurial activity is doomed, more or less long term, to failure. It seems to me that everyone here will agree.

To start, I would like to invite you to discuss here the "specific topics" that you would like to see addressed in this group. And for this to be done as efficiently as possible, I propose to expose concrete issues that you face.
<> We regularly post great tips, fun facts, and special updates
<> Break the isolation of the limbs.
<> Allow members to see the positive elements of their business situation on APSense.
<> Offer support and comfort.
<> Help members understand their needs and find ways to deal with these emotions constructively.

******* Here are some examples of questions you could answer:

1. What are you most concerned about now using APSense?

2. What do you want to accomplish this year using APSense?

3. What do you need to double your results this year using add ons of APSense?

4. What have you tried before that worked and did not work and what you expect from APSense?

I look forward to reading your contributions and the exchanges - which I hope will be fruitful - between each of the members.

The richness of the universe of SOCIAL NETWORKS, connected objects, and other tablets also makes their complexity grow more and more. That's why we regularly offer tutorials and other tips to better control your APSense, Business Social Network, your personal business or your other affiliate works. If you missed, here is an inventory of tutorials not to be missed. We choose the best of the moderators & contributors to assist you to accomplish your aims:

**** Avoid using capital letters in your texts because they can be perceived as CRIER.
**** When writing a message, write a title that best represents your question. The more precise the title, the more precise the answer will be. Avoid titles like "Problem" or "Help Me".
**** Before posting a topic, we suggest you do a little research to check if there is already a discussion about it. You will take less time to find an answer than to wait for someone to answer you.


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