A More Perfect Union

About A More Perfect Union

Democracy loving people today opt not to be governed by monarchs, dictators or clergy, even if such rulers are benevolent. Justice loving people today opt not to be governed by the will of the "majority" because the will of the "majority" can often violate the human rights of the "minority". Freedom loving people today opt to be governed by "the rule of law" embodied in a Constitutional government, though subject to different interpretations, nonetheless such document providing protection for the rights ,liberties and the "common good" of all the people.
This group is a forum for discussion about the US Constitution and the political and economic direction America is going today in the light of what the Founding Fathers intended when the US Constitution was written. All political perspectives are welcome, whether Democrat, Republican, progressive, liberal, moderate, independent, conservative or libertarian because all of us, in our "heart of hearts" have a desire for America to continually be "a more perfect union" for ourselves and our posterity.