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 To encourage our
preschoolers to use their language  I
have here a few tips for you. This will ensure that your childis going to feel good
and safe is going with you.

The way you bring the language is essential.   These examples I describe are for one child.
But you can also use it for more than one infant, who seem to have language


 In this way you
are going to find out if the problems are really there or that it is simply a
lack of knowledge and/or know. It is not a problem that only allows for
non-Dutch speaking toddlers.


 Our society is
Multicultural and linguistic support. 
See and try the following tips. Rest assured they will work. 


Try to understand what your child wants, what he
already knows, what he dares.

If you show enough interest for his world than the will
feel important and then the speaking process will become easier.


 You can stimulate
you child so that the words come by itself. This can be done by letting him
choose what he wants to do.


You shall inform him simple questions like

 "do you
want to work with the colours or with the pens"

Do you like colouring?

 You will notice
that the child who is afraid of talking will respond because you involve them
in the game or activity. They forget at that time often their problem and
answers very spontaneous.


 Even though it
is sometimes only Yes and no.

Don?t force this but encourage this by more
"yes-no questions". That?s the wat to give your child self


After a while you can take the child that only answer
with "yes-no questions" separately and you can start with personal
questions where he has got to answer something other than "Yes and

 This can be:?
what would you even like colors? ?

?What would you like to have on your sandwich??

                     ?was it Mommy who created
that, or was it you??

Just make sure that the child should answer in small
simple phrases.
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