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Juice Plus is a product that features the healthy benefits from eating fruits and vegetables by taking one handy capsule. While there is no substitute for actually eating more fruits and vegetables, Juice Plus does provide some of the nutritional value that you get from these foods. You can become a distributor for Juice Plus, selling it to others, as well as taking it yourself.
Sign up for a Juice Plus franchise at their website. There is no way to directly sign up to sell Juice Plus, so you must contact an existing distributor and ask them for the sign-up papers.
Complete the paperwork and pay the initial fee. There are no other fees involved with this distributorship.
Begin selling Juice Plus to everyone you know. Just talk about Juice Plus and tell them how excited you are about it.
Ask your friends and family to view videos about Juice Plus. There is no need for you to sell this product actively. The company provides all the marketing tools you need in the form of videos and testimonials on their website.
Follow up with people who said they went to the website and watched the video. Ask them what they liked about it. Clarify any questions they have.
Take the orders for Juice Plus and fulfill them. Ask your customers if they would like to sell Juice Plus also, explaining the benefits of the product and the ease of sale. Provide the paperwork for them to fill out if they would like to start their own distributorship.
Ask me if you want to be involved - if you want to be a distributer in my "international NSA & Juice PLUS+ Team". You can mail me at:
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