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Tips for good golfing:  it?s all in the swing

Believe it or not, when one performs a golf back swing, it is
not just your arms.  It is also more about the golfer?s back as it
turns away from the target.  The club is more so as being put behind
the golfer?s back than it is swung up towards the air. 

The move backswing

you look at it closely, the golf back swing actually works from up to
down.  The takeaway back swing begins from the top as you make the
movement on your arms and follows as you do that turn on your
shoulders.  The movement then goes straight down towards the legs and
the hips.

The golf back swing is primarily about how the body is
being coiled upwards thus creating the needed tension in the muscles as
well as torque to be able to let out that all powerful downswing. 
Particularly, that swing is created anywhere in between the golfer?s
turning his or her upper body as well as shoulders and the turning ? to
a lesser degree ? the lower body and the hips.


is highly advisable that one should not do the swing in a hurried
manner.  If a back swing is in any way done in a hurry, the downswing
does not become fast,  actually it could do the opposite.

backswing speed should be in a tempo that is steady and should neither
be fast nor slow. Although some golfers have that tendency to go way
faster than the regular.   Anytime you catch or are aware of yourself
doing this,  try to slow it down a bit. 

The move downswing

you reach the downswing, all you really need to do is to just let it
go.  Let the downswing happen.  However, this only applies if ever you
were able to start with a golf stance, backswing and grip that is

The downswing must be the organic result of all that
went before it.  If you were able to do your backswing in the correct
manner, your body will unwind in itself  thus releasing the club and
striking the ball that will therefore result in a follow through that
is balanced.

The follow-through move

follow-through  should be best seen as the feather in your cap move. 
The legs must be adequately straight and the hips have to form a
straight line together with the legs.

This move will serve as
the gauge of the whole swing you have just done.  You know that you
were able to pull a swing that is smooth and balanced if in the end you
have a position that looks like the letter C only in reverse.
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