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Google Secret - $1400 a day from one campaign...

Quick... breaking news!

25 year-old Maverick Internet Marketer creates new Google software... which allows him and his fellow ‘partners in crime’ to quietly siphon up to $2,750 per day from Google, right under the noses of the establishment.

He's already used this tool to siphon $64,400 from Google in just a few weeks - all with "one little ad"...

And now he's giving you the chance to swipe his automated system - and generate a second income from home...

This story is already sending major shockwaves throughout the Internet Marketing Community.

So what’s all the fuss about?

This is the story of how a 25 year-old “underground” marketer went from zero to over a million dollars a year using the Internet - and how he turned several ordinary people into successful Internet Marketers making up to $100/day... in just 2 weeks.

Case Study No. 1: Tyson X pulled in an average of $145 a day with his first Adwords campaign.

Case Study No. 2: Anthony Joshua has just had his first $500 net profit week

And now, for the first time, you can use this unique system to reel in a second income from home

Want to see what all the fuss is about? Go here now:

Listen very carefully: this one email could change your life. I mean REALLY change your life.

Chris X of “Day Job Killer” has finally decided to release his revolutionary new software system, which is fast becoming the talk of the Internet Marketing Industry.

The really remarkable thing about this system isn't just it's *profitability* - although Chris has already made as much as $2,700 per day with one "little Google ad".

The most remarkable thing isn't even the *power* of the sofware - despite the fact that this futuristic tool can "predict" conversion rates.

No, fact, the most remarkable thing is its raw *simplicity*.

Seriously, this push-button system is so easy to operate that even a 7 year-old child can make money using it.

Now even the greenest of newbies can clone the moves of the "silent elite" who once hogged all the profits

It sounded so good that I had to check it out immediately:

And you know what I discovered: it is like nothing I’ve ever seen before: I was blown away...

This software ‘beast’ is called the Google Nemesis, and it is without a doubt the most profitable... and most powerful online money-making tool anywhere in the world.

The creator, Chris X spent well over $60,000 and paid 2 full-time expert programmers 24/7, over a period of 9 months to develop this monster.

Okay, so what exactly does it do?

This system ‘clones’ the moves of the wealthiest and most successful underground affiliates... and then turbo-charges those moves and tells you exactly what to do,
step-by-step, in order to copy their success and launch your own winning campaigns.

Google Nemesis is the only tool in the world that lets you play the Google ‘Adwords’ game by your own rules... on your own terms, and in your own time.

A tool that does everything – finds the hottest products, creates your websites, even *predicts* conversion rates – giving you everything you need to profit.

This closely guarded tactic has made some savvy underground affiliates millions already– and they tried to keep it a secret from you – until NOW.

Okay, so who is Chris X (creator of Google Nemesis), and why do his closest friends think he’s gone mad for releasing this software to the public?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of years, you’re bound to have heard of the fastest-selling Clickbank guide of all time, “Day Job Killer.”

Well, Chris X is the maverick author of the guide.

And since the release of that ebook 2 years ago, he has grown in stature and fame within Internet Marketing circles.

However, he’s most famous for his ‘no-nonsense’ marketing: revealing the real money-making tactics that the gurus don’t want you to know.

That’s the reason why he’s so respected in the game.

That’s also the reason why “Day Job Killer” sold over 6,000 copies just on the day of launch alone, and went on to gross just under 1 Million dollars in just the first
week of release.

After the release of the Day Job Killer, many affiliates finally found the way to break free from their wretched day jobs and now enjoy true success online.

However, there was still one major problem. Most of the buyers of Day Job Killer still found it tough to make use of the powerful techniques which it contained.


You see, Chris had discovered why most struggling affiliates fail to make money online ..they simply lacked the motivation, time or resources to make it all work for
them, so Chris spent over 8 months developing software that addresses the reasons that 99% of affiliates fail to make a full-time living.

Google Nemesis is as close as you'll get to push button profiteering:

- simplicity: this dummy-proof software does everything for you... create cash-pulling websites using the proven templates, launch your campaign, and just follow the simple prompts to siphon off an easy second income from home

- no more bloated Adwords costs - Nemesis tracks keywords automatically, using Chris's hidden three-step formula. Now you can "peek under the hood" of your promotions and see where the money is... in 1/5 the time - and at as little as a quarter of the cost!

- a proven, hands-off system: use the same website templates that Chris used to pump Google for $2,000 a day, and swipe the top profit opportunities from the elite super affiliates.

Now, you’re definitely going to want this Google Nemesis package for yourself, because... as you can see, nothing else on the planet comes even close to the money-making potential of this.

How can you get your hands on this life-changing package?

Well, you need to move fast - there is no guarantee that it will even stay on sale for long.

This thing is bigger, better and far more effective at generating wealth online, than any ebook or software out there.

Seriously - this is completely different to anything anyone has ever seen in the Internet Marketing arena.

Now, Chris and the Day Job Killer team are generous people, but they’re not stupid.

They KNOW from the results current users are already getting that... this thing is too valuable to ‘give away’ for a small price... and I can promise you that the price will definitely go up, very, very soon.

So, I urge you to grab it now, while you can.

To your success,

P.S. As you’re reading this…at least another 150,000 people just like you are seeing this email. But... not everyone is guaranteed to get a spot on the Google Nemesis
exclusive members club…so, make sure you grab your place before it’s too late