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Education comes in all forms and this site offers an open invitation for anyone to follow my lead in listing scammers that we have come across. A quick check will reveal if your invitation to join is genuine or not. I particularly dislike those people who have big FREE TO JOIN invites, then after you have done all the paper work you find that you have to pay to join this section, that section, get an autoresponder, etc, etc,
I would like to start off
Paul Darby, the friendly guru. You join, then you cannot contact him, your link is not accessable, and he does not answer emails. You receive a continuous barrage of emails , telling you to join. You cannot get a refund because they do not answer, and the contact sight lets you in but unless you go ahead with the business, there is still no way to contact them.
I also hope that when an alleged scammer is listed, that if anyone has information to the contrary, they post informed comment.
Check it out please.
The next on my list of scammers, and add to this the rudest person on the net, in my humble opinion, is Henry Lee, with his EDC GOLD program, This program cost me dearly and had me shedding many a tear at the rudeness in reply emails requesting the promised help after I paid over my money, bought autoresponder, and domain names.
Thank you for reading my scammer list.